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Name: Connor
also known as Connor Angel, Steven Franklin Thomas Holtz, The Destroyer, and Connor Reilly
Status: half-demon; alive
Relationships: Angel (father), Darla (mother)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series
Other: baby!Connor is played by the Tupen triplets; teen!Connor is played by Vincent Kartheiser
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Connor is the son of the vampires Angel and Darla and a member of Angel Investigations.


Abducted into a Hell dimension as a baby, he is raised under the name Stephen by Angel's enemy Daniel Holtz (whom he came to think of as his father), though only a few weeks pass on Earth during his absence. He comes back as a teenager and reluctantly comes to accept his lineage. Though much of the progress in accepting his life as Angel's son was undone by a memory wipe and subsequent false memory implantation, Connor eventually came to understand once all of his memories were returned, and fought side-by-side with him when Angel and company sought to take down the Circle of the Black Thorn.


Connor is not a popular character in fandom. On AO3 he appears in approximately 6% of Angel stories and less than 1% of Buffy stories. He is most often shipped with Spike and Dawn Summers although he never met the latter in canon. His canonical relationship with Cordelia Chase is remarkably unpopular, possibly because it is considered "squicky." He is sometimes used in action-orientated crossovers due to his enhanced strength and other abilities.

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  • Passive by littleheaven70, a Connor character study (2004)

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