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Title: Passive
Creator: littleheaven70
Date: Nov 2004
Format: WMV
Length: 4:13 minutes
Music: "Passive" by Perfect Circle
Fandom: Angel the Series
URL: streaming version on

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Passive is a Connor character study Angel fanvid by littleheaven70. The vid has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Bad, Bad Man Awards, The Haunted Awards, the Pure Evil Awards[1] and the Evil Hands Issues Awards[2].

Vidder's summary: "Connor returns from The Quartoth to meet his real father, and is bitterly disappointed with what he finds."


  • "If not for S5, I think there’s no question Connor’s arc would have been the most tragic one of all on AtS (and seriously, given what happens to everyone around him maybe Angel should stay removed from humanity...). I think this vid makes it easy to understand how Angel’s ruthless and desperate love for Connor would make it easy to sacrifice everyone for a chance at giving Connor a normal life. And perhaps not coincidentally, one that didn’t include him in it." ~ feedback the the Buffy Verse Top 5 LJ community.
  • "I've been asking people to recommend vids for the Slayage Academic Conference, which will be held this May. Your "Passive" vid was mentioned. I downloaded it yesterday, and when I'm unable to get a vid out of my head, the time has come to say something. This vid says so much--it's so angry, and seems perfectly in character for Connor's view of Angel. Your song choice is inspired (and actually makes me forgive Maynard LOL). There aren't many Angel-Connor vids out there that capture the pain and anger and existentialism of their relationship, and I think that you hit it out of the park." ~ luminosity's feedback at the vidder's LJ.