Zara Hemla

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Name: Zara Hemla
Alias(es): zarahemla, zara
Type: writer, reccer, filker
Fandoms: Alias, Buffyverse, The Dark Tower, Firefly, The Office (US), One Tree Hill, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spirited Away, Tolkien, Veronica Mars, The X-Files, and many others
URL: If: Multifandom fanfic; tyrannosaurus recs (via WBM); Zara Hemla@AO3
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Zara Hemla is a fan writer who started writing in The X-files fandom in 1996, and has since written acclaimed stories across a huge range of fandoms.

Her works are archived at her personal site, If, with a selection at Archive of Our Own, Glass Onion, Silverlake. and elsewhere. She formerly maintained a recs page, tyrannosaurus recs, at her personal site, which recommended X-Files, Jossverse and many other fandoms. She was the archivist of Filking Through the Conspiracies of Life, an X-Files filk archive.

Notable Fanworks

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