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Name: Silverlake
Date(s): 2002-present (list); 2002-2006 (archive; last update)
Archivist: Kate Bolin
Founder: Kate Bolin
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: Multifandom
URL:[Dead link];
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Silverlake is a multifandom archive affiliated with the silverlake-f mailing list on YahooGroups. The list and archive were founded in July 2002 by Kate Bolin, who remains the archivist.

The Silverlake archive contains 4085 stories in 429 fandoms by 363 authors.[1] Common fandoms include actor RPF, Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Buffyverse, due South, Firefly, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Smallville, The West Wing, The X-Files, X-Men Movieverse and crossovers, and the archive also has a huge range of rare fandoms.

The archive was last updated in September 2006.[1] The site moved from to at some point, and was offline for a period. The site design changed in August 2007.[2]

The archive describes itself:

Welcome to Silverlake, the multi-fandom fanfiction archive for the multi-fandom meta-light list silverlake-f. ...
We like to believe that this list, named after that little bit of Los Angeles in between Hollywood and Downtown, is a place where people can show off their work freely, no matter what it is.
All stories on here are fan-written fiction. We have media fanfiction, literary fanfiction, real person fanfiction, historical fanfiction, all variations of fanfiction. This includes slash (homosexual/homoromantic/homoerotic), het (heterosexual/heteroromantic/hetereoerotic), and gen (no sex, no romance) in all ratings.[1]

And also:

For the sake of ease, however, in this world, we're just talkin' stories. Big beautiful pieces of text about all sorts of things.
Fictional people, tv shows, movies, books, real people, original work, comics, bands, anime, actors, politicians, cartoons, businesspeople, concept album characters, action figures, radio programs, whatever. If you're a fan, and you're writing stories about it, you're writing fanfiction. And it can be posted here.[2]

Silverlake List

The list promoted a particularly wide range of fandoms by requiring authors posting in a new fandom to provide a link to a fansite or information site about the fandom. It held Feedback Fridays, when readers were encouraged to respond to works posted during the previous week in collected feedback posts. The feedback ethic was We tend to be ultra-mellow with these as well -- high on the praise, low on the criticism.[3]


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