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Name: Kate Bolin
Alias(es): katemonkey
Type: writer, archivist, developer
Fandoms: Angel, Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Life on Mars, Lord of the Rings, Roswell, X-Men, Smallville
Other: Dymph-No-Mania
URL: http://dymphna.net
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Kate Bolin is a prolific fan author across a variety of fandoms. Her first fanfiction published online was in 1996, in the Babylon 5 fandom.

She originated the Dead Letters Challenge in 2001. She also ran the Secret Slasha exchange.

Example Fanworks

Archivist and Developer

Kate supports the push for accessible fansites with her community access_fandom. She has run the UCSL since 1999,[1] and is the archivist for the multifandom archive Silverlake. She also houses many sections of the BtVS Writers' Guild on her site dymphna, including History Lesson, an archive for historical slayers. Her personal archive is The Pearl.

She ran Small Town Girls, a Smallville femslash fanfic archive, from 2001-2003.

She runs CordySlash, Delenn Deserves Better!, Dead Letters, Fluent Fag, The Game of Life, History Lesson, Laconic, Loaded, Slightly Left of Venus, and Wake Up Gay!.

Notable Works


Reviews and Recommendations



As Archivist

The Pearl - personal archive

As Contributor