Small Town Girls

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Name: Small Town Girls
Date(s): January 2001 - May 6, 2003 (last updated, still viewable - static)
Founder: Kate Bolin
Type: femslash
Fandom: Smallville
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Small Town Girls is a Smallville femslash archive. It was originally created by Kate Bolin, however on the last update the site was announced to be under cecily v. The site was never updated again, although the site remains available.

It was partnered with smallvillefemslash mailing list.

Pairings Listed

Chloe/Dawn Chloe/Jody Chloe/Lana Chloe/Lana/Other
Chloe/Liz Chloe/Lois Chloe/Tara Lana/Faith
Lana/Martha Lana/Tina Lillian/Pamela Martha/Nell

Authors Archivesd

Alejandra DD Amberina Annie Bastet Buffyfaith19
Cara Chapel cecily v. Christie DaMoyre DangerMouse
Don't make eye contact Elizabeth EV FayJay Hito
Homerun Superhero HumbugGirl immo Ingrid Jintian
John O'Connor Julian Lee Kate Bolin Kate Elizabeth L.C.
La Corneille lifeinwords Lint Michelle K. Misty Flores
NautiBitz Pearl-o Rachel W. Rebecca Sara
Seana Renay shell Slip Suicidal Phreak Teanna
tha wrecka valentine Wendy