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Name: Lilith Sedai
Alias(es): Cara Chapel, Bill the Pony
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars TPM, The Sentinel, Phantom of the Opera, Star Trek: Voyager, The Lord of the Rings, Due South, Smallville, The Man from UNCLE, Nightrunner, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Boy Meets Boy
URL:, Archived version (The Writings of Lilith Sedai), Archived version
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Lilith Sedai is a fanfiction author. Her stories were very influential in the Star Wars TPM fandom where she also participated in a Slash Writers Survey.

In The Lord of the Rings fandom she wrote under the names Cara Chapel and Bill the Pony. Her Cara Chapel's Fanfic Garden page with The Sentinel, Due South, Nightrunner, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fanfiction was part of Pumpkin's Slash Patch.


Star Wars TPM

  • L'Histoire d'Obi (The Story of Obi) (1999), slavefic, probably her most popular story. It came with several beautiful illustrations by Black Rose and was republished as a zine. L'Histoire d'Obi has been the subject of an academic article: "Painful pleasures: Sacrifice, consent, and the resignification of BDSM symbolism in The Story of O and The Story of Obi".[1] It's also mentioned in the book "Using the force: creativity, community, and Star Wars fans".[2]
  • Elements (1999/2000), Qui-Gon Jinn fails to take Obi-Wan as his apprentice on Bandomeer, so Yoda does instead. After Obi-Wan is knighted, he and Qui-Gon are sent on a mission together and encounter personal conflicts as they attempt to work together. Was republished as a zine.
  • Lion at the Gate (1999), co-written with Kirby Crow. Knight Kenobi is held prisoner by a sinister and compelling kidnaper, but what does his captor want from him?
  • Glory Glory Hole-elujah (1999), co-written with Keelywolfe. A cultural ritual takes an unexpected turn when Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon find themselves on opposite sides of a hole in the wall.
  • The Apprentice Master (1999), co-written with Lorelei, Cori Lannam and Kate Evans. At a Jedi-Only nightclub, Obi-Wan finds out who's in charge.
  • Undercover (1999). Obi-Wan encounters a beautiful stranger in a seedy bar.
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (or Account of a Visit to the M A Archive) (1999). The author visits the M_A archive on the night before Christmas, and visions of sugarplums dance in her head. Poem.
  • In My End Is My Beginning (2001). Obi-Wan goes back in time and fixes a crucial omission in Qui-Gon's training.
  • Tales of Two (2001), co-written with Pumpkin. The sweeping saga of an arrogant prince and his monkish bodyguard.
  • Liberties (2001), co-written with Lapis Lazuli. Qui-Gon rescues another pathetic creature, and gets his most private fantasy in return.
  • Balance the Force
  • Conversation

Zine Stories

  • Moonlit Pools (TPM) appeared in the 2002 multimedia zine At Day's End.
  • Con Man (TS) appeared in Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy (2000).
  • Secrets Laid Bare and Skin Flick (both TS) appeared in Your Kink or Mine #2 (2000).
  • A Ticket to Tuscon (TS) appeared in Angel On My Mind #4 (2004). In this AU, Sandburg and Ellison's paths cross briefly in 1987. Penniless, Blair is forced to prostitute himself in an attempt to earn his way across country to enter college. Jim is a lieutenant stationed at Fort Campbell KY who rescues him from thugs.
  • Quarry (TS) appeared in Warriors #1 (2001).



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