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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Cara Chapel's Fanfic Garden
Author: Cara Chapel
Dates: 18 October 2000 or before - 04 September 2005 or later (Wayback captures). Last update was 31 January 2004
Fandom: The Sentinel, Due South, Smallville, Nightrunner, DS9, The Man from UNCLE, Boy Meets Boy, Toy Soldiers
URL: (Wayback link, 2001) (Wayback link, 2003)
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Cara Chapel's Fanfic Garden was Cara Chapel's fanfiction site. It was part of Pumpkin's Slash Patch. Sometime after August 06, 2002, it moved to a different URL.

The site was a member of The Rare Slash SiteRing.

The Sentinel

Blindness - Jim thinks about his relationship with Blair during Blind Man's Bluff. Jim/Blair. Rated PG.

Layk'a - Blair goes on a spirit walk. Jim/Incacha, Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.

Con Man - Jim considers the many faces of Blair. Jim/Blair. Rated PG. (originally published in Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy by Fredicated and Zortified Prod.)

The Perfect Blind Date - Blair takes great care to arrange the perfect blind date for Jim. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in I'm Not Cutting My Hair by Angel Wings Press.)

Suffisaunce - Jim and Blair explore what might have been. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in The Alternate Sentinel by HEMP.)

Waiting for Words - In the aftermath of TS by BS, Jim and Blair go in search of healing. Jim/Blair. Rated PG-13. (originally published in Jim and Blair Do the World by Blackfly Presses.)

Skin Flick - Jim and Blair watch a dirty video. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in Your Kink or Mine 2 by Angel Wings Press.)

Secrets Laid Bare - Jim goes to a sleazy gay sex club. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in Your Kink or Mine 2 by Angel Wings Press.)

Fit to Be Tied - Blair is unprepared for a police raid. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in Whispers of the Heart 4 by Angel Wings Press.)

Jim and Blair and the Eye of God - After TS by BS, Jim and Blair find themselves working for Dr. Henry Jones in what may be their last mission together. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in Jim and Blair Do the Movies by Blackfly Presses.)

A Ticket to Tucson - A soldier helps a young man find his way to college. Jim/Blair. AU. Rated NC-17. (originally published in Angel on My Mind 4 by Angel Wings Press.)

Quarry - An experiment in pursuit goes astray when Lee Brackett intervenes. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17. (originally published in Warriors by In Person Press.)

The War Stories series:

Near Miss - WS 1: Jim gets wounded and Blair gets tempted. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.
Direct Hit - WS 2: Jim faces some facts. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.
Cease Fire - WS 3: Life continues in the wake of the night before. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.

The Nocturnes series: (originally published in Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy by Fredicated and Zortified Prod.)

Commitment - N 1: Blair is troubled by snoring. Jim/Blair. Rated PG.
Calescence - N 2: Jim witnesses a private moment. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.
Conversation - N 3: A stakeout turns erotic over the public airwaves. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.
Chance - N 4: Blair fixes dinner and misses an opportunity. Jim/Blair. Rated PG.
Courage - N 5: Blair gets cold in a tent. Jim/Blair. Rated NC-17.

Due South

Ray Likes It Red - Ray Vecchio yearns for an unattainable lover. Fraser/Vecchio, Vecchio/f. Episode-related, humor, angst, fetish-kink. PG.

Stanley Raymond Vecchio - Ray Vecchio considers life over a glass of iced tea on the beach in Boca Raton. Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Vecchio/Stella. Episode-related (post-COTW non-fixit), angst. PG.

A Conflict of Duties - Ray Vecchio and Fraser are each confronted with conflicting duties. Fraser/Vecchio. Episode-related (pre-BDtH fixit), angst. NC-17.

Controlled Burn - Fraser unwittingly participates in the Merry Month of Masturbation. Fraser/Vecchio. Angst, PWP. NC-17.

Sink or Swim - Ray Vecchio's turn to unwittingly participate in the Merry Month of Masturbation. A mirror to Controlled Burn. Fraser/Vecchio. Angst, PWP. NC-17.

My Heart in Hiding - Fraser is haunted by a familiar sound. Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/Victoria. Episode-Related, Angst. G.

Secrets - Ray Vecchio encounters a gypsy curse. Confusion, mayhem, and smut ensue. Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/f. Humor, Angst, Other. NC-17.

Ulterior Motives - Ray Vecchio and Fraser spend a Saturday afternoon together. Fraser/Vecchio. Humor, PWP. R.

Forbidden Fruit - Fraser, Ray Vecchio, and Frannie battle hypothermia when the Riv breaks down in the middle of nowhere. WARNING! Heterosexual incest content. Please do not read if this is a problem for you. Fraser/RVecchio/FVecchio. Abominably cliched PWP, NC-17.

Once Again, in French - Ray. Ren. Ball. Beer. Semaphore. Smooches. Ray Vecchio/Renfield Turnbull. Sappy little smooch fic. PG.

Daydreaming - Fraser finds something that inspires his imagination. Fraser/Thatcher. PWP, R. WARNING: Het content.

Prisons of the Mind - Ray is sent on an undercover assignment. Fraser/Vecchio. AU, NC-17, drama, angst. WARNING: BDSM.

The Paths I Fear To Tread series:

Follow Without Pride - PIFTT 1. Mysterious gifts of money lead to old friends... and old enemies. Fraser/Vecchio. AU. Episode-related. R. SERIES IN PROGRESS.
Breathe Your Breath - PIFTT 2. A game of cat and mouse in the wild outdoors leads to mayhem and tenderness, but not to a cashier's check. Fraser/Vecchio. AU. Episode-related. PG-13. SERIES IN PROGRESS.
Day of Knowing - PIFTT 3. Ray Vecchio tries to overcome his doubts and Fraser tries to reclaim his life. Fraser/Vecchio. AU. Episode-related. NC-17. SERIES IN PROGRESS.

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours series:

Stalling - ISYMIYSMY 1: Ray Kowalski is concerned with size. Fraser/Kowalski. Humor. PG-13.
More Than He Bargained For - ISYMIYSMY 2: Ray Kowalski learns the answer to a question that has haunted him, plus more! Fraser/Kowalski. Humor. NC-17.


Trespassing - Clark wanders into considerably more peril than he expected. Clark/Lex, Lex/f. Episode-related, angst. NC-17.

Commerce - Everything is for sale. Lionel/Martha. Angst, darkfic. G.

After Hours - Chloe and Lana get bored working on the Torch and try something different. Chloe/Lana. PWP. NC-17.

Bargains - Two Luthors attempt to bargain with Jonathan Kent. Lionel/Jonathan. AU. NC-17.

The Armageddon series:

Red Skies - Armageddon 1: President Luthor receives an expected guest. Lex/Clark. Dark, future. PG.
Black Ashes - Armageddon 2: Amidst the ashes of a nation, President Luthor seeks an ally. Lex/Clark. Dark, future. PG.

Man from UNCLE

Security Check - Illya ensures that Napoleon isn't a THRUSH spy. Napoleon/Illya. Kink, PWP. NC-17. WARNING: if you don't like fisting, you may not want to read this story.

Toy Soldiers

A Gentleman's Wager - Billy teaches Joey there is more than one way to win a bet. Billy/Joey. Mild sap. NC-17. WARNING: if you haven't seen the movie, you may find the profusion of names confusing.

Were They? - Billy does a bit of heavy reading. Billy/Joey. Mild sap. NC-17. WARNING: though it is not quite an Xover, this fic is may cause certain levels of cognitive dissonance.



Lie With Me Only - Alec encounters uncertainty in the form of one of Seregil's old lovers. Seregil/Alec. Rated NC-17.

Taken by Choice - Seregil comforts Alec in the wake of a bad fright. A collaboration with Pumpkin! Seregil/Alec. AU. Rated NC-17.

Almost - Alec considers sex and lovers. Seregil/Alec. Rated NC-17.

Exchange - Alec and Seregil encounter an enchanted talisman, with unexpected results. Seregil/Alec. Rated NC-17.

Seduction - A mirror to Exchange. Seregil/Alec. Rated NC-17.

Circle of Five - A Sakorian ritual brings comrades closer together. A collaboration with Pumpkin! Alec/Seregil/Micum/Nysander/Thero. Rated NC-17.

Leather Laces - Alec and Seregil while away a rainy afternoon. A collaboration with RavenD! Alec/Seregil. Rated NC-17.

Nesting Instinct - Alec and Seregil, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Alec/Seregil. Rated NC-17.

Disturbing the Peace - Another inn, another bed. Alec/Seregil. Rated NC-17. A collaboration with Pumpkin and RavenD! Bareback - Alec and Seregil go for a ride. Alec/Seregil. Rated NC-17. A collaboration with Pumpkin!

Guiding Our Lost Ones Home - Alec and Seregil re-enact an emotional Aurenfaie ritual. Alec/Seregil. Rated PG.

Creator's Objection to Fanfiction

The stories were later taken down in 2001 between October 31 and December 17. They were replaced with the following note:

Pruning the Garden...

Sadly, this section has been removed due to the contents of a recent discussion on a Nightrunner-related mailing list. It was never my intention to say "Screw you, bitch" to Lynn Flewelling by making my fan fiction available here; instead, I intended my fan fiction to express my love for the characters and to enjoy the possibilities of the world she created, and I wanted to share the joy and love Seregil and Alec brought to my life.

While it's one thing to recognize that a creator is forced to make a formal objection to fanfic merely in order to satisfy the legal requirements of protection of copyright, and to believe that this has duly been done and all is now well, it's quite another to learn that the creator currently believes that I have written fan fiction and made it public with personal malice against her in my mind. Out of respect for Lynn Flewelling's wishes, therefore, I have removed these fictions from this page and from the archives of the fan list I was on.

I regret that events have transpired to make this necessary. However I feel I must point out to anybody out there who might be on a list with a creator someday that bringing up fanfic issues on lists with the original creators present on them is not very intelligent. Neither is deliberately resurrecting old controversies (in this case, a controversy I was not even around for in the first place). Bringing up old controversies about wars between fanfic writers and the creator with the creator present on list is simply asinine. When things like that happen, everyone involved suffers.

Star Trek: DS9

What He Left Behind - An unexpected transmission from Julian Bashir helps Garak face his future in the wake of What You Leave Behind, the series finale. Rated PG. Once nominated for a Golden Orgasm.

Boy Meets Boy

(webcomic by Sandra Delete)

Feathers and Leather - Boy Band goes costume shopping before a gig and Cyanide gets more than he bargained for. Cyanide/Skids, Mikhael/Harley. Rated NC-17.

The Witching Hour - Anonymity gives Cyanide courage. Cyanide/Skids. Rated PG-13.


IRC Crossover from Hell - What happens when a bunch of girls in #bic let their imaginations get away with them. Features Blair, Jim, RayK, Fraser, Diefenbaker, Methos, Duncan, Scully, Mulder, Skinner, Krycek, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul. Rated PG-13.

Snippets - Wanderings, flights of fancy, and fragments from a deranged brain. Rated G to NC-17. LAST UPDATED 08/12/02

Cara's Photomanips

Younger Days - Due South, Fraser/Vecchio, PG.

Oh dear. This is my first one ever, so please be nice to me. Features half-nekkid Marciano! Even I couldn't mess that up.

Follow Without Pride - Due South, Fraser, G.

A cover I made for Paths I Fear To Tread 1: Follow Without Pride. The best thing about this manip is that the background's really a picture of Bellagio.