Boy Meets Boy

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Name: Boy Meets Boy
Abbreviation(s): BMB
Creator: K. Sandra Fuhr
Date(s): 20002004
Medium: webcomic
Country of Origin:
External Links: Boys Meets Boy Website
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Boy Meets Boy is a comedy-romance comic by K. Sandra Fuhr about a gay couple and their friends and family.


A Boy Meets Boy Fan Club Yahoo group was created in April 2001 and was active through the end of the comic. Fanfiction was initially posted to the main group but a separate fanfiction group, bmbfic, was spun out in February 2002 and was active in the spring and summer of 2002. The now-defunct Boy Meets Boy Fanfiction Archive collected about 50 stories, while the also defunct whEE i'M naKEd, a fan site run by Avarice, included a non-submission archive of about 80 stories including non-canonical and supplementary stories by Sandra Fuhr herself. Several other now-defunct fansites also existed. Fans looking for fanfic were also sometimes directed to the Slash Page Database Project.

The most popular pairings were Mikhael/Harley and Cyanide/Skids.


Boy Meets Boy fandom used the slang term "shibby" a lot (meaning nifty or awesome).