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Name: The Slash Page Database Project
Dates: 2000 - 2007
Type: fan resource site
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (now defunct)

Snapshot of the SPdb
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The Slash Page Database Project (or SPdb) was described by creator Minotaur as a "self-referencing, self-expanding database of slash related web sites," fully searchabe by keyword for type of site, fandom, pairings, themes, or authors. It was an attempt, in the wake of the rapid expansion of the internet that made KS Nicholas's Slash Fan Fiction on the Net obsolete, to keep track of slash sites in an organized and searchable way.

In 2007, Minotaur formally closed the page, noting that, "Now, in the far future of 2007, there are a plethora of means to this ficcish end - LiveJournal communities for just about any fandom you can think of (and a few I'd really rather not think of), links tagged to a fare-thee-well for every pairing under the sun, fannish wikis and other resources beyond numbering. My little project has fallen behind the curve of technology, and become the merest eddy in our slashy stream."[1]

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