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Name: Pumpkin's Slash Patch
Dates: 19 August 2000 - 01 September 2006 (Wayback dates)
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, The Sentinel, others
URL: www.squidge.org/~pumpkin/ (Wayback)
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Pumpkin's Slash Patch is the home of the fanfiction of Augusta Pembrooke, Cara Chapel, Hope, KB Writer, Marag, Pumpkin, Russet McMillan, Saraid, Sasquash, TUE, and Twilight a Nightrunner fanwriter.

The site started out as Pumpkin's Sentinel Patch on GeoCities in 1999 or before.[1]

Description from Padder's Messy Room:

An amazing collection of authors including Pumpkin herself, whose Snapshots drives readers to laughter, tears and most often long drawn out toughtful 'aawwwwww...'s with its complete spectrum of experiences. Laundry List stars a shamelessly inventive and desperate Obi-Wan, a masturbation story highlight really *blush*. Oh oh Pumpkin and 'chelle did this one, the name says it all Fellatio, o Fellatio (wherefore art thou, fellatio?) The challenge that launched a thousand (maybe not that many) great fics also saw to the birth of this classic from Augusta Pembrooke No One Will Believe, Augusta has a gift for writing the perfect master and apprentice relationship, filled with humourous teasing and mutual devotion. And there is no way anyone can write a humour recs list without mentioning Growth by Marag, it's hard to resist spoiling this fic, I certainly don't have the self-control: Qui-Gon is a virgin! And he loses it spectacularly when puberty hits! Please be warned that some top quality slash ficition by Tue, Augusta and Pumpkin at this site involves underage characters. And on't forget to go look at the illustrations by Fuumin, oh gosh, that picture of Qui-Gon sitting on a chair with a whip lazily in hand and Obi-Wan keeling, his buttocks protruding just so... *gaaaaaaa!drool!*[2]


Augusta Pembrooke

TPM Series:

TPM Stand Alone Stories:

  • Worth It added March 19/00
  • The Death Trap Test my response to the "I don't want to die a virgin" challenge
  • Lost Jedi Crossover: Star Wars:TPM/Velvet Goldmine. It probably helps to have seen Velvet Goldmine. This story takes place around 1975.
  • No one will believe Answer to Mac's "first line" challenge on the MA list. Obi-Wan is the obligatory eighteen.
  • Pleasure Boy Where did Obi-Wan learn that sexy walk?

Cara Chapel

See Cara Chapel's Fanfic Garden (The Sentinel, Due South, Nightrunner, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)


  • Partners (Sentinel story)

KB Writer


See Marag's Offerings (Sentinel, Star Wars, maybe other fandoms)


See Pumpkin's Pies [1] (Nightwatch, Nightrunner, The Sentinel, Star Wars, Velvet Goldmine)

Russet McMillan

  • Best Medicine (TPM, Q/O). Qui-Gon is wounded in a pirate attack, and Obi-Wan must convince him that sex is the best medicine.


See saraid's cognitive dissonance [2] (The Sentinel, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Velvet Goldmine, X-Men, Highlander, Invisible Man, Batman/Superman)


Sashquash's page used to be Sasquash's Sentinel Woods before it moved to Pumpkin's Slash Patch.[3] "What happens when you put together a sa and a squash? Why a sasquash of course! An author who is more than the sum of her parts." (aka stories cowritten by saraid and Pumpkin)

  • Offering to AtLun (TPM) - Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan must save a planet added March 13/00
  • Making Synergy (TPM) - Our first Phantom Menace story together
  • Sweet Memory (Sentinel) - The full version is now available here
    • SM1 - If You Give This Man A Ride
    • SM2 - Sweet Memory Will Die
    • SM3 - Interlude I: Take A Long Holiday
    • SM4 - Interlude II: Into This World We're Thrown
    • SM5 - Interlude III: Make Him Understand
    • SM6 - Riders On The Storm
  • Shadow War (Sentinel) - printed in October 1997 in Come To Your Senses #4. Sasquash's first story.


See TUE's Tales (Star Wars TPM)


  • Opening The Gates (Nightrunner) (added July 02, 2001)
Author's summary: In other fandoms, the first time story always seems to dominate. I wonder why it doesn't in this fandom? This story takes place between the second-to-last and the last page of Stalking Darkness.


The page was a member of the Pretty Boy Slash Webring, the Star Wars Slash webring, the Episode One Erotica webring, the RareSlash Ring and The Prequel Erotica SiteRing.[4] It also used to be a member of the and The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring, the Sentinel Slash Webring and the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[5]


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