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Name: Fuumin
Alias(es): Super Wild Velvet (circle)
Ewri Fuumin Sumihara
純原悠漓 Sumihara Yuuri
Type: fanartist, doujinka
Fandoms: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Ewan McGregor
URL: Super Wild Velvet website (offline); archived version
ewri-fuumin @ LJ
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Fuumin was one of the most popular TPM artists. Unlike most Japanese artists, whose doujinshi are scanlated without permission (or even the artist's knowledge), Fuumin was actually involved in western TPM fandom and sold her doujinshi directly to English-speaking fans, sometimes including simple English translations with them. She also provided artwork for some English-language zines.


Fuumin publishes her doujinshi under the circle name Super Wild Velvet. She refers to her work as "doujinshi" (同人誌) in Japanese and as "fanzines" in English. All of her doujinshi have English titles, with only one having an alternate Japanese title.

Note: the dates sometimes don't line up Fuumin's statement of chronology in the doujinshis themselves.


A gallery of her artwork can be found at her website. Here are some examples: