Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience

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You may be looking for Songs of Innocence, a Blake's 7 zine, or Songs of Experience, a Blake's 7 zine, or A Song of Innocence, a Batman story.

Title: Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience
Publisher: KK Press, (UK based)
Editor(s): Gloriana and The Emu
Date(s): 2005
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
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Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience is a slash anthology fanzine with 470 pages and was published in 2005. It contains twelve stories, three poems, eighteen full-page art plates, and in-text line art. It is digest size with a suede leather cover and leather wrapping string, uses screw posts for binding and the pages are faintly scented with sandalwood. The zine was designed to mimic the look and feel of a handbound book or journal, making it one of the more unique fanzines produced.

It contains stories by MrsHamill, Tem-ve H'syan, Master Elayna, Katbear, Cori Lannam, Laura McEwan, Isabeau, Mac, Ghostwriter, Sian, Gloriana and The Emu, and poetry by Jennifer Gail. It features art by Jennifer Gail, Barbana, Black Rose, Fuumin, Gloriana, Hikaru, Nimori, Shiun and The Emu.

Editor's Preface

"First, why 'Innocence and Experience'? I started thinking about this a long time ago, when there was quite a debate going on the Phantom Slashers list about "where the fandom was headed". At that time, there was a spate of poor!wee!Obi fics (you know the ones, where he's been deeply hurt from the childhood scar of Qui-Gon's rejection when he was thirteen, cries when he's not having temper tantrums, and behaves with the maturity of my teenage brat cat); coincidentally, it was also just after [[chan] (fanfic warning)|chan] had made a serious appearance in TPM fiction....Yet, in an eagerness to disavow poor!wee!Obi and/or chan stories (they were often conflated), some people were very vehement that there was no appeal in the age difference between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan whatsoever; that what they were interested in was adult'.Obi; and that anyone not of that mindset was somehow leading the fandom astray. Each to her own; but I thought at the time this was a pretty daft idea...Would it be too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that perhaps that age difference, instead of being a disadvantage to the fandom, was exactly what had drawn some people to it? Isn't that age difference still significant even when Obi-Wan is an adult - even when he's 65 and Qui-Gon is 90? And, instead of leading the fandom astray, isn't this one of the reasons why the pairing existed in the first place?"

Regarding the title of the zine:

"Blake not only provided the title, but he also gave me the open question: which is 'better', innocence or experience?....This flows into the whole question of whether Qui-Gon acts in opposition to the Force, giving the Dark Side an opportunity it would otherwise never have had; or whether, to the degree that the events in the films are fore-ordained by the Force, the Force itself harms in order to achieve good. Is experience, which is often synonymous with pain and injury, necessary for the development of the person?"


  • Ashes by Katbear. How long can a fire burn?
  • Death Song by Sian. What if Qui-Gon did survive Naboo?
  • Imitations of a Jedi Master by Dr Squidlove/The Emu. Obi- Wan seeks the strength that comes with age.
  • Of Crimson Joy by MrsHamill. Obi-Wan faces the greatest trial that young Jedi may go through.
  • The Myth of Amun by Ghostwriter. Master and apprentice receive an unexpected gift.
  • Warlock by Mac. A young Inquisitor faces a challenging opponent.
  • Half in Shadow, Half in Light by Laura McEwan. Obi-Wan learns that the galaxy is full of people just like him
  • Beau and the Beast by Master Elayna. Beauty's father makes a different decision from the fairytale standard.
  • The Fire They Bear, by Cori Lannam. Errors in judgement are not confined to the young.'
  • Everyman Else's by Tem-ve H'syan. The truth according to Teacher Evou
  • Diplomacy by Isabeau. Jedi re not permitted to form close personal relationships.
  • The First Lesson in Sorrow by Gloriana. Obi- Wan contemplates his mirror.
  • Innocence - Experience by Gail Riordan, haiku
  • Interstice by Gail Riordan, poem


Chibi line art portraits of each of authors and artists by Hikaru, Gloriana and The Emu.

Color art plates by

  • Title page, Frontispiece and haiku by Jennifer Gail
  • "Obi-Wan knelt in the midst of a small clearing made by the shade of a giant tree." by Fuumin
  • "I couldn't have got the weapon between him and me, and he was looming over me, staring into my eyes, and it was cold blue steel and so calm. So beautifully calm." by The Emu
  • "Beau shut the gate behind her, and turned to face his new life. The beast was crouched, his hands resting on his knees." by Barbana
  • "He gave a small breathy moan as his fingers slipped down to caress his cock, slowly teasing the wet tip, gently measuring the rigid length." by Barbana
  • "Obi- Wan pressed against him, fingers bunching the fabric at his waist and easing it up from his bell." by Nimori
  • Interstice by Jennifer Gail
  • "He shivered when Qui-Gon s fingers grazed the back of his neck, and Qui-Gon pulled the covers up to his shoulders... " by Shiun
  • "I have this man inside me, Obi- Wan thought. And it feels so perfectly right. And good." by Gloriana
  • "Obi- Wan poured a cup with smooth, relaxed movements, then gave it to his master with another short bow." by Shiun
  • "As I bit down on the other nipple, my hand slid down and cupped him, stroking the hanging balls, squeezing them gently, letting them sit in my palm." by Fuumin
  • "When he resurfaced, the younger man was already on the far side of the pool, casting bashful half-glances in his direction." by The Emu
  • "Qui-Gon found himself reacting automatically, flinging the saber away, then pushing a wild eyed Obi-Wan down to sprawl on the floor." by Nimori
  • "Last of all, he slipped off the standard issue Jedi underclothes, simple things of white cotton." by Gloriana
  • "Our hips rocked; I shifted until our erections were pressed together and I was stretching my neck just slightly to keep his mouth." by Black Rose
  • Fall Of Brown by Jennifer Gail
  • Endplate and haiku by Jennifer Gail


Color Art Plates

Given the focus on the zine's interior art, a single representative sample from each of the artists has been selected.

Chibi Portraits

Several artists drew chibi portraits of their fellow writers and artists.