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Name: The Emu
Fandoms: The Phantom Menace, The X-Files
URL: Home of The Emu, Archived version (1997-ish) [1]
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The Emu is a fan writer, artist, and archivist.

A 1998-ish short bio:
The Emu is a writer, editor, and reader, with a passion for Walter Skinner, and a special interest in slash. I'm a dedicated noromo. Or homoromo. I live in fictalk, X Slash and a couple of story lists. And the new Walter Skinner Fanfic list, whatever that's going to be called [it's called the A.D.'s Office - tm]. I love sending and receiving and encouraging feedback. I hate spoilers. I'm from Sydney, Australia, I've been online since September '96, and I wear size 7 shoes. [2]

"The MSR Thing"

The MSR Thing

No. They should not get romantically involved in the show. Why?

1. Romance doesn't suit the flavour of the show.

2. Mulder and Scully together is... yucky. There isn't even any UST there anymore. The critical part of UST is the "T". Tension. Tension is a chemistry between characters. It flavours part of all their interaction. UST cannot be scripted (as 1013 have tried to do in later seasons once the natural UST faded). Mulder putting his hand on Scully's arm is not UST. Heck, Mulder giving Scully a back massage with scented oils by candlelight isn't UST unless the chemistry is there. And kids? The chemistry's dead. Deader than corduroy bellbottom flares.

3. Mulder's too damaged to have a healthy relationship with anyone. And too consumed with his sister.

4. Darnit, I'm not out to offend anyone here, ...but... why is it so impossible to believe that two grown people of opposite genders can have a good relationship without that relationship being sexual? To say that Mulder and Scully only work so well together because they're "in love" demeans them both. And every other pair of adults who work well together.

5. The kiss in the movie? What movie? I don't know what Fight the Future was, but it wasn't X-Files.

Go it, Shibesy. Save us all.

**Note for Americans: 'To piss myself' - to laugh very hard (deriv. to laugh so hard I almost wet my pants) [3]

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  1. "One day, people will look back on web page design in the '90s with the same shudder we reserve for '80s make up and 1960s kitchen decorating. (Mmm, orange benchtops!)"
  2. XF FanFic Links: Featured Page, Archived version
  3. Obligatory X-Phile's Page, Archived version