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Synonyms: anti-shipper
See also: Platonic, Gen, FiniShipper
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Noromo or No Romance (NoRomo) was used in The X-Files fandom to describe a preference for canon reading and fan fiction writing that maintained the relationship between Mulder and Scully as platonic.

Noromo fans were often set opposite Shippers, or MSR fans. This was taken to satirical extremes by the Mulder And Scully Hate Each Other (MASHEO) movement: "Mulder and Scully Hate each other? The idea is absurd. Almost as absurd as the ideas that Mulder and Scully should, could, or want to, be involved romantically."[1]

"postcard" from Noromo Values

Noromos had their own folder on the official Fox message board (now at Prospero), after they took over the abandoned Kritschgau folder. It was a place of satirical posts, filk parodies, MASHEO Theories of Hatred and Completely Irrational Noromo Arguments. Other X-Philes hung out there - slashers, the odd forum troll or mod, and various kind of MSR shipper including intelli-shippers (shippers who considered themself a cut above the allegedly drooling masses of the MSR folder), fini-shippers (who didn't want to see a Mulder/Scully relationship until the series finale) and darkside-shippers who reckoned the Noromos were just cooler.

An Earlier Term: Naxis

From a fan in January 1999:
Actually, the term NoRomo was conceived *by* NoRomos, because they didn't like the term "NAXIS" (an acronym coined by shippers which stands for Not a Kiss (X) In Sight) and felt it was derogatory and also didn't like the term non-shipper or antishipper because they felt that it made them sound like they were against the relationship - which they are not - but rather that they are against the romance - hence NoRomo. [2]

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