I'm a NOROMO! (And Proud of It!)

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Title: I'm a NOROMO! (And Proud of It!)
Creator: Noromo Values
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: online
Fandom: The X-Files
Topic: MSR vs Noromo
External Links: I'm a NOROMO! (And Proud of It!); WebCite
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I'm a NOROMO! (And Proud of It!) was a page at Noromo Values.

Its purpose was to give practical hints to noromo fans who felt they were underdogs in the X-Files fannish world.


Ask not what Noromos can do for you;

but what you can do for Noromos.

Hey, you surely cry indignantly, Shippers don't have to do anything to help other Shippers. (No, they do it for sheer joy, which is piss the rest of us off. :) So why should Noromos have to help other Noromos?

Well, you don't have to. Don't let anyone tell you you're not a Noromo if you don't.

On the other hand, you don't not have to...

Noromos need support. We are the underdogs of X-F fans, and it is nice to support your fellow Noromos! We deserve recognition. The only reason we aren't getting is that we're not standing up and demanding it.

Shippers, as we all know, are very good at standing up and demanding things. Many things. Look at the movie and Season Six. Us Noromos are generally not a demanding bunch; so if it's easier for you, think of it as gentle persuasion.


  • Say something Noromatic in your email .sig file - anything at all that identifies you as a Noromo or an Anti-shipper.
  • Send feedback on Noromo sites; let other Noromos know about them.
  • When you send fanfic feedback, say: "Even though I'm a Noromo, I still enjoyed your story..." (if it's an MSR)
  • If you have an X-Files/Noromatic website, join Noromo webrings, mention that you're a Noromo. Provide at least one specifically Noromo-based link.
  • Say that you're a Noromo in guestbooks.
  • Praise sites if they have Noromo based options.
  • Join clubs like LOON and the Bee Squad.
  • If a site has Shipper oriented contents but no Noromo contents and have not declared themselves specific either way (ie "This site is for Shippers only! Noromos should leave now!" - that's specifically Shipper friendly, so just hit EXIT and move on), either let another Noromo know (email me, or post on the Bee Squad's message board, for a start) or email them yourself. Reasonably demand that there be Noromo specific content. Read more about that type of thing here.
  • Whenever appropriate, mention Noromo websites. I hesitate to say myself :)...but praise LOON, the Bee Squad, and particulary Acacia (let's all make sure is doesn't deteriorate to the point of MORSOR + TSN's Fanfic Archive ...I'm sure Sonja wouldn't let that happen, but still...). The obscure ones, say, MASHEO, I don't think many people are going to know. The three I previously mentioned - go crazy with them!


  • Build a Noromo website, great and large - or one really crappy page on Geocities. It all helps!
  • Gain your X-PhD in Noromo Studies at the XFU. Print up business cards. Don't mention that it's not real.
  • Do your best to convince Shippers that their reasoning and hence ideas are wrong. Don't give us a bad name by making a habit of badly spelt, meaningless flames. (Spell check them first! :) Seriously, if Noromos are unfairly critisized, do something about it.


Stop the ruination of X-F with Shippiness. Make all the Shippers come to their senses. Short of that, simultaneously disconnecting all their modems!

Really, that's all there is to it! :-)