Noromo Values

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Name: Noromo Values
Owner/Maintainer: Brianna L.[1]
Dates: created: November 1998
last update: 24 October 1999
Type: Noromo fansite
Fandom: The X-Files

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Noromo Values is a fansite dedicated to the platonic relationship between Mulder and Scully. It features proof (including the Top 10 reasons M & S shouldn't be together), links, fanfic, and features such as Noromantic Interviews (March 1999) and even Search Engine results (April 1999).

From the Introduction: 1998

PLEASE NOTE the following: This site is not intended to promote Shipperbashing or personal attacks on Shippers. It is meant only as a pro-Noromo site. Just making that clear. :-) --Brianna, webmaster.

Hi, folks! Welcome to "Noromo Values", a site that's devoted to celebrating the PLATONIC relationship that does belong to Mulder and Scully. If you're a Shipper, now's a good time to be leaving. If you're a Noromo, however, welcome to a new bookmark!

If you've been around here before, check out what's new and see what's been updated. If you're new here, however, keep reading. The first section you will come across up there is Proof. Proof is basically a collection of stuff that can help you in your Noromo net travels. A recent addition to Proof is the subsection Being A Noromo, which I strongly recommend you check out. There, you can find ways to support the Noromo cause, including the Blacklist, the letters to accompany it, the infamous Miningco saga, and a bit of info about Noromo Studies @ the XFU.

Already have no idea what I'm talking about? Then you'll want to explore the rest of Proof, which has some commonly used terms, and maybe some Quotes. I'm working hard on a Noromo's Ep Guide at the moment, so sit tight. I also had a page for that almost-kiss, but sadly my page was weirdly kinda wiped ... it'll be up as soon as possible, too. I'm getting quite a good collection of Noromo related articles now, too - some archived here, others elsewhere, so read a couple of them.

The next section you'll come across is Links. If you've never been here before, you'll love this. It may take a bit longer than usual to load, but only because it's so stuffed full of great links. As well as info and ratings about each Noromo link, there's also links to other Noromo links on the Web, such as Miningco X-Files, and many others. Within this site, there's also other X-F links and thank you links.

The next logical section is, of course, Fanfic! Fanfic is slowly being rebuilt better than ever. Stories are being archived often, as well as links and comments being added. I'm continuing my search for the anti-MSR, so if you know of one, please let me know!

Ah, Features. To the best of my knowlege this hasn't done a backflip on me, and they're all still here. J Features is updated monthly, and there has been some great Features so far. (If you ever have an idea for one, BTW, make sure you e-mail me! The first Feature (November 1998) was the XFFCA, so make sure you check them out. They rock!

Lastly ... try some Etc. It may look small but there's actually a fair bit in there, including "what's new" and "what's planned", as well as a guide as to how you can send me feedback ... pretty please! There's also webrings, Noromatic postcards, a couple of pages about how to link to me (page one, page two), and most importantly, a sitemap. So if you ever feel a bit lost, come and check it out, altho' Netscapers should be warned, it ain't gonna look good.

Well, that's a decent intro for now. Please check out everything I've got around here, and when you're finished, send me an email to let me know what you think! Praise, critisism, suggestions ... I want it all!

Yours platonically,

Brianna L.

Thank you, and remember:

The Truth is, it's Platonic.