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Noromantic Interviews is a 1999 series of interviews.

The subjects were noromo X-Files fans. The interviewer, Brianna L., wrote: "There are a few online Noromos that I really admire, because of their strong convictions, proud Noromo status, and great HTML ability. I thought I'd try and track down a few of the most prolific Noromos for an interview....You will probably notice that these interviews are not really "interviews", per se, but series of Q & A's. If you read more than one, you will also notice that they are all almost exactly the same questions. I created a series of "generic" questions, one you could ask of any Noromo webmaster, for my own ease but also because in each case you still want to know the same things. I am certain, however, that that answers are all individual and interesting, much in the nature of the interviewee's pages. "

The interviews were posted at Noromo Values and can be seen here.

The Interviews