Noromantic Interview: Sonja Blue

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Noromantic Interview: Sonja Blue
Interviewer: Brianna L.
Interviewee: Sonja Blue
Date(s): 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): X-Files
External Links: online here; WebCite
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Noromantic Interview: Sonja Blue is posted at Noromo Values, a noromo website, and it was conducted in 1999.

"Sonja runs the Acacia Archive, the only archive of Noromo-friendly fanfic."

Part of a Series: Noromantic Interviews


How long have you realised you were a Noromo? What do you think about the whole Shippers vs. Noromos thing?

I had sent a email to Wombat telling her that I liked her slash fan fic 'Rapture' and she asked, 'You're not a shipper are you?' in her reply... I sent her a email back asking, 'What's a shipper?'. She told me, I sent her back a message saying, 'No, I'm not a shipper.'

It was still a very long time after this that I even came across the word 'Noromo' I can't remember how I found out what it meant.

I knew this because I had already talked about the show to other people off-line and long before I had the internet, that one of the things I loved about the X-Files is that Mulder and Scully were not having any sort of romantic relationship. The sort that always seems to happen in every show on the television and I was very sick and tired of this theme of matching up the leads, that seemed to be the standard formula for all types of tv shows, from comedies to drama. These two partners, federal agents in what is a sort of cop show and they were of opposite sex, were not becoming romantically involved, what a very new and radical concept I thought.
How do you feel about the characters now (eg, are you a OBSSEsor, a Mulderist, a Frohike Liberationist)? I'm a Mulderist. I find Mulder an fascinating and complex character to watch. I love all his little character flaws too; like Mad!Mulder, Temper!Mulder, Brooding!Mulder, Hissy!Mulder (Mulder: "Then I suggest you put that in your report!" - The Red and the Black), Obssessed!Mulder, Paranoid!Mulder... I could go on and on.
What are your thoughts on fanfic? Do you read it regularly, write it? If so where is it archived, under what name?

I don't read as many books as I once used to, all I read nowadays is X-Files Fan fiction. Graham, the owner of a local Sci-fi and Fantasy book store is probably wondering what on earth happened to one his best customers.

I would love to be able to write fan fiction and I'm making an attempt... unfortunately I'm a better reader than I am a writer. Putting together the archive for Noromo Fiction is the best way I know how to contribute to the X-Files fan fiction community.

I am still trying my best also to write fanfic, but it is slow going. Also what ever I write will not be going into the Acacia Archive because what I want to write is Mulder/Krycek slash. One can see my one lone attempt of X-files fan fiction by going to my web site "The Web of Sonja Blue." It is about 4k, makes no sense and is Mulder/Skinner slash; the result of reading too much Mulder/Skinner slash.
What inspired you to create [ Acacia Archive ] in the first place?

I do not like the idea of Mulder and Scully getting romantically involved and I don't want to even read even a suggestion that it could happen. I was getting very frustrated looking for new X-Files fanfic to read because every time I thought I had found a likely fiction, I would click on the link to reach the story... wait the few minutes for a fic of over a 100k to download, I would then be confronted with MSR or M/S UST in the description.

And I would try this whole process again, sometimes there was not even a warning, I had to find out about part way into the story. This was very time consuming.

I looked specifically for a Noromo archive and could not find one... there was a big gaping hole in the fanfic archives out there and I jumped in and filled it ;)