Noromantic Interview: Chase

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Noromantic Interview: Chase
Interviewer: Brianna L.
Interviewee: Chase
Date(s): 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): X-Files
External Links: online here; WebCite
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Noromantic Interview: Chase is posted at Noromo Values, a noromo website, and it was conducted in 1999.

"AChase998 is the creator of the NOROMO love page."

Part of a Series: Noromantic Interviews


How long have you realised you were a Noromo? What do you think about the whole Shippers vs. Noromos thing?

Oh, I think I have been a Noromo from the beginning. One of the reasons I fell in love with XF was that it did not rely on a sexual relationship to pilot its characters. You have Mulder and Scully - two highly intelligent people on a quest - and the relationship between the two was a strong one without a sexual connotation. In fact, I think the original relationship superceded any type of intimate relationship as so desired by Shippers. It stood on its own.

As for the issue of Shippers vs. Noromos, never have I had so much ammunition to create web pages based on one esoteric idea! However, I think it was a lot of fun to put a spin on the whole thing, where Noromos are level headed and professional while Shippers just want to see a good time cheap on national television. That's the way the battle lines were sort of drawn as I saw them online. In the end, though, we're talking about a television show, not real life. So, that leaves a lot of room to just play with the idea and make it a truly "us vs. them" battle.

How do you feel about the characters now (eg, are you a OBSSEsor, a Mulderist, a Frohike Liberationist)?

I think I have always respected Scully as a character the most, but I really don't side with any one particular group that specializes in adoration of either the actors or the characters. I like to look at a show as a whole and appreciate the interaction of all the characters. As a Community Leader on AOL for the Gillian Anderson Fan Chat in the X Files Forum, I moderate that hour because I think Gillian Anderson is a fine actress and that her fans deserve some time to talk about her work specifically. So, that's about the extent of my loyal support of one character or actor on the show. However, I find the lack of continuity disturbing because it's becoming the downfall of the show. I think it's beginning to ruin the cohesiveness of the characters. But I will stick it out for season seven to see if they fix it.

What are your thoughts on fanfic? Do you read it regularly, write it? If so where is it archived, under what name?

I think fanfic is a terrific outlet for many people to express themselves. In particular, I read fic by Luvmulder, who has a terrific grasp of law, medicine, and suspense when she writes. Of all the writers I have taken the time to read, I could not get enough of her work, specifically RENEWAL, found at Gossamer. As for writing it, I play with it sometimes, but just never have the nerve to post my own work!

Why the Noromo "love" page? (And I hate to sound like a newbie, but I have to ask: what on earth are SMT and Toomahs?!)

The Noromo Love Page title was actually a tongue-in-cheek name for the site, taking the Shipper position to the extreme. The pulsating handcuff/heart graphic was also a joke, much like saying, "Aren't they so CUTE together?! "

SMT was an inside joke concerning the creedo at the beginning of the page. Again, getting back to that core group of AOLers that hid in the private room with me, they were all Duchovnyheads, drooling all over the place because of the man. It just so happens that most of them are in a medical profession of some sort, and they would crack jokes about taking care of Mulder should he ever get wounded on the show. (It must be a medical thing.) So, they came up with Sadistic Mulder Torture to cover everything from bumps and bruises to gunshot wounds to being spattered with alien goo. As I understand it, there is now an official SMT site somewhere on the web. But hell if I'm going to visit it!

As for Toomahs, that came about when Scully was found to have a tumor in her head. Taking the Arnold Schwarzeneggar statement in "Kindergarten Cop", "It's not a toomah!", it was a battle cry when we learned she had a "toomah" as well. So, of course, it made its way to the Noromo creedo, as well. :)

What inspired you to create [the Noromo Love Page] in the first place?

We had started an informal discussion group with a core set of people on AOL to shoot the breeze about developments on the show, particularly the growing Shipper sentiment. Also, AOL's XF Forum had a Shipper Chat, but no Noromo Chat for equal time. So, we made our own little private room to voice our opinions. Out of that came the Noromo Love Page, which was actually a joke put in web form. When you have Photoshop and Front Page at your disposal, it's easy to start putting together a web page with the look you want. And of course, it's all made possible with the inspiration of that core group of people who huddled in a dark private room online and had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to die!