Noromantic Interview: AV

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Noromantic Interview: AV
Interviewer: Brianna L.
Interviewee: AV
Date(s): 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): X-Files
External Links: online here; WebCite
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Noromantic Interview: AV is posted at Noromo Values, a noromo website, and it was conducted in 1999.

"[AV is] the webmaster of an extensive site, popular newsletter, and debatably X-F's largest webring: AV's Random Link Exchange."

Part of a Series: Noromantic Interviews


How long have you realised you were a Noromo? What do you think about the whole Shippers vs. Noromos thing?

It didn't take long. I realized that it would absolutely ruin the show if either of them got involved. I think that shippers are lonely, crazy people who sit in dark room stabbing voodoo dolls of Chris Carter, cursing him for not bringing them into bed together. (Sorry, I get this way.)

What are your thoughts on fanfic? Do you read it regularly, write it? If so where is it archived, under what name?

I read it once in a while. I write it under the name AV. It is a bit everywhere. The Ferret Cage and on my site.

Your site has a very slick design. How much webdesigning experience have you had? Do you do any professional designing? What do you think about X-F site designs, to generalise? Too green & black? (I imagine you're as qualified as anyone to comment on this, you must have seen hundreds!)

Two and a few months experience. I mostly see a design I like and expand it a bit. There are things I can't do, so I have to know my limitations. I think that some XF sites are too, how do you say, uh ... boring. The site doesn't excite me. It doesn't want me to come back. I don't mind green and black, as long as it is used well. I hate yellow on magenta! AUGGGG!