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Synonyms: anti, antis
See also: noromo, notp, ship war, shipper, anti-anti, Purity Culture in Fandom, Anti-fandom
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Anti-shipper is a fannish term that has been around since X-Files fandom in the 1990s,[1] but has taken on different meanings in different contexts. It generally refers to someone who opposes shipping or a certain pairing, which can be for various reasons. "Anti" is a related term that can indicate opposition to topics including or other than shipping.

History & Use

Anti-shipper was originally a synonym of Noromo, a term that developed in the 90s, meaning a fan who wanted Mulder and Scully's relationship (in canon or in fanfic) to be platonic.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy fandom in the early 2000s featured regular use of the term "Anti," but this term was applied broadly. The word anti often preceded a character name[2], narrative arc[3] or ship[4], to illustrate a fans dislike of that character, narrative or ship. It was also applied to fans engaged in anti-shipping behaviours (possibly as an insult), but these fans do not appear to have self identified as antis.[5]

Despite this, some of the arguments made by anti-shippers were very similar to moral arguments made on Tumblr over a decade later. Fans who opposed the pairing of Buffy/Angel often claimed that pairing was paedophilic, because Angel was 250 year old vampire and Buffy was 15/16 in season 1. Fans who opposed the pairing of Buffy/Spike often pointed to their violent interactions in canon and the abusive nature of the pairing.[6]

Anti-Ship Art and Groups on DeviantArt

DeviantArt had clubs and other groups dedicated to ship hate and used the label of Anti.

Starting in 2008, in Invader Zim fandom the Anti-ZADR-Club hosted contests to create Anti-ZADR art, each with a unique theme, such as Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim) reacting to it. Another such group was anti-knuxouge, founded in 2004. There were many anti groups in the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom, such as Anti-Couple clubs A-F, Anti-Couple clubs G-P, Anti-Couple clubs Q-Z, etc.

Anti-ship art often showed the two characters of a pairing being revolted by each other, one being frightened of the other, or both of them engaged in violent acts against each other. Anti-ship stamps were also popular.[7]

There were also groups founded against certain types of ships in general rather than specific pairings. One group founded September 15, 2010 is titled Anti-Incest and has the motto: "Family is family, nothing more." This group was affiliated with a now-defunct group called Hetero-Pairings, which may or may not have been anti-yaoi. There were many anti-yaoi groups on DeviantArt. Many were fandom-specific, but others were more general, such as AntiYaoiFangirls, Down With Yaoi, or YaoiHatersFC, group "For artists above and against stereotyped art such as - yaoi, yuri, slash, hentai, mpreg, lolicon, and similar genres".

People against a certain ship would sometimes refer to themselves as Anti(Shipname). For instance, one anti-Shadamy stamp from 2010 has the description: "If your an Anti Shadamy then hope this pleases you"[8]. Another anti-Shadamy stamp posted in 2012 says to fav "if you're an anti Shadamy"[9]

Another concept on DeviantArt was the "anti-couple", pairing that contradicted another pairing and is posed as an alternative to it. For instance, The-Anti-Sonamy-Fans shared art of Sonally (Sonic x Sally) and Shadamy (Shadow x Amy), which are both anti-couples to Sonamy (Sonic x Amy) because they pair Sonic and Amy with other characters.[10]

A post from 2006 about "couple extremists" also complains of "anti people" and says they are both causing fandoms to "turn sour".[11]

Use on 2010s Tumblr

Beginning circa 2016 in Tumblr and DreamWidth fandom, anti-shipper (or just an anti) has been used to describe fans who disapprove of a ship and its shippers due to the ship being considered problematic or morally wrong. This can include incest, non-con, and pedophilic ships,[12][13][14] among other generally "unhealthy" ships. The opposite of an anti is an anti-anti, sometimes also called a pro-shipper for simplicities sake.

Fail_Fandomanon was discussing the phenomenon as early as October 2015, but the term itself may have appeared later. See the Fail_Fandomanon wiki entry.[15] Closely tied to the concept of anti-shipper are "purity wank" and purity culture; see AO3 Content Discussion (2016).

Tumblr user wrangletangle relates the origin of Tumblr anti-shippers to the long-standing Tumblr etiquette of "don't tag your hate":

The “anti” problem arose because Tumblr has no functional community structure, meaning people started using the tags themselves to replace the communities from back on LJ. In that context, tagging a negative post with the tags that apply was making the posts show up in the only viable community structure, which was a violation of LJ etiquette (where communities were self-selecting and moderated). This was exacerbated by the lack of functional cut tags, so everything was all completely visible, and you had to scroll past every post in its entirety. The culture of “don’t post anti in the tag” was a social concept developed to deal with Tumblr’s non-functionality for fandom purposes.[16]

In March 2017 an anon on Fail_Fandomanon elaborated on this origin story, explaining that the antishippers were told go to their own anti[ship] tag, which they did, and where they only interacted with like-minded people and therefore ended up radicalizing each other.[17]

In February 2018 tumblr user and anti-antishipper freedom-of-fanfic argued that anti is a self-designation. A reblogger commented, "I’ve seen people describe themselves as 'an anti' in the meaning 'I am against pedophilic/incestuous ships and I will actively argue against their right to exist on the internet'."[18]

Beliefs and Comments

Though all anti-shippers hold their own variable beliefs, in general anti-shippers from this context believe that "fiction does affect reality," and want to see certain types of content removed from website(s) or at least heavily hidden. This is in direct opposition with anti-antis, who believe fiction does not directly affect reality and that all ships are equally valid. For example, an anti may see the contentious discourse surrounding baby-furs as something that needs monitoring. They may see artists who draw it as clear-cut pedophiles, and some may even believe baby fur art should be considered against the rules on sites such as Furaffinity and InkBunny, where such art is common and allowed. This is because they would see this type of art as harmful, and believe it directly aids in grooming children into believing NSFW of babies is okay, or that getting of on babies is okay. However, an anti-anti would disagree completely, believing that kink art of baby furries is acceptable, especially if the artists claims they create the art for "coping reasons."

Some anti-shippers create callout posts directed at artists who make art of or ship characters considered problematic, leading to many anti-antis to say that all anti-shippers are pro-harassment and doxxing. For example, when a fan of HLVRAI named Metrix-86 was discovered to have a secret Twitter where he drew shota and non-con of the characters, he ended up with two written callout posts and a video essay on YouTube outing his actions. As a result, his art on Tumblr (and likely his ask box) received negative attention. Then, another example is SethPup, a popular furry who also had a secret Twitter, where he drew his fursona having sex with real puppies. He also had a callout post.

Anti-shippers see merit in callout posts, believing they help shame the behaviors that they see as deplorable and harmful to fandom communities or the world at large. Callout posts not only make others aware of an artist's actions, but sometimes also cause them to move off-site or go into hiding under a different name, giving the appearance of success for anti-shippers. However, a pro-shipper would see these "problematic" artists as defendable and sympathetic, with the act of making callout posts deplorable and akin to harassment. Pro-shippers also argue that harassing artists with problematic tastes and ships actually does little to help the community, and that in reality all that ends up happening is someone is harassed, with little positive affect.

Though there are a number of popular anti-anti blogs who speak out against harassment for any reason, there are also anti-anti blogs that are, ironically, run only as receipt blogs and callout post blogs for anti-shippers.[19] For example, one anti-shipper named bendyhatespaedos made it their goal to dox pedophiles on Tumblr. At a time, this included doxxing minors as young as 12 for shipping children together, which bendyhatespaedos did not deny. Bendy's argument was that "pedophilia is pedophilia, no matter how you stylize it," though they stated they no longer doxxed children. Anti-antis responded by harassing and making fun of bendyhatespaedos, told them to delete their blog, and said that they should utilize the authorities rather than take matters into their own hands.

Based on some of the back-and-forth from the "Anti Asshole Anti Archive" on Tumblr (since deleted), some members of both ideologies have been considered in poor taste and guilty of behavior considered to be harassment, despite both movements attempting to appear more "morally correct" than the other. For example, bendyhatespaedos was considered an "asshole anti" for doxxing a 12 year old. However, further up in the Asshole Anti Archive, the OP acknowledges that an anti-anti had begun posting explicit gore, maggots, and disturbing images on anti-shipper posts.

Some argue that fans use the term "anti" derogatorily in order to shut down any discussion of morality in fanworks.[20] For example, an anti with this belief would see a stray pro-shipping comment on a discussion about pedophilic ships as being used to ignore the issues of grooming in fandom, simply waving them off as being an "anti," acting as the "fandom police," or pro-censorship. Some antis may even believe that, broadly, pro-shippers themselves are pedophiles who are in defense of grooming.[21]

The understanding of what an anti and an anti-anti are, and how modern fandom treats the discussion, vary across people and age. For example, a minor in the fandom may have different opinions on the issue than an adult. While some minors may be disturbed by pro-shipper art that features children (especially if drawn/written by adults), other minors may be pro-shippers themselves and see nothing wrong with it. Others may only object if such art is made explicit, but see general art as fine. Opinions from the Tumblr tag for "anti" and "anti shipper" are below.

Just so those “anti-anti” types who claim to be the real allies know, as a minor I have always felt so, so wary around you. You remind me so much of creepy people, especially men, who I have met IRL, and your attitude toward my objections about the work you produce (especially stuff involving adults and children and noncon) is flippant, disrespectful, and just plain shitty. If you’re a grown adult and think that consuming content that outright romaticizes p**ophilia is okay, take a long and hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re facilitating a culture that tried to groom me.Weaver-z, a minor, Jul 12, 2020
A friendly reminder

FICTION IS FICTION. FICTION IS FICTION. Fiction is FICTION. Fiction is Fiction. It’s not real. These fictional characters you fight tooth and nail for ARENT REAL.

People can write and consume whatever they want because: it’s NOT REAL.

Pro-shipper Flies-for-brains, Jul 14, 2020

the reason we bring up our trauma when it comes to ‘shipping discourse’ is because we want people to realize just how fuckin serious what they’re doing is. ‘it’s just fiction!!1!’ no, it’s just just fiction, it’s the romanticization/fetishization of childhood trauma that’s created for the sole purpose of getting off to.Weirdcourse, Jan 15, 2020

Example Ships

Examples of pairings where anti-shippers have been active:

Meta/Further Reading/Discourse


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