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Synonyms: anti, antis
See also: noromo, notp, ship war, shipper, anti-anti, Purity Culture in Fandom
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Anti-shipper is a fannish term that has been around since X-Files fandom in the 1990s,[1] but has taken on different meanings in different contexts.

Original Use

Originally it was a synonym of Noromo, a fan who wanted Mulder and Scully's relationship (in canon or in fanfic) to be platonic.

Current Use

As of 2016 in tumblr fandom, anti-shipper has been used by some observers to describe a very specific phenomenon—fans who attack a ship and its shippers with arguments that it is "pedophilic"[2][3][4] or promotes abuse IRL. Fail_Fandomanon was discussing the phenomenon as early as October 2015, but the term itself may have appeared later. See the Fail_Fandomanon wiki entry.[5] Closely tied to the concept of anti-shipper are "purity wank" and purity culture; see AO3 Content Discussion (2016).

Tumblr user wrangletangle relates the origin of Tumblr anti-shippers to the long-standing Tumblr etiquette of "don't tag your hate":

The “anti” problem arose because Tumblr has no functional community structure, meaning people started using the tags themselves to replace the communities from back on LJ. In that context, tagging a negative post with the tags that apply was making the posts show up in the only viable community structure, which was a violation of LJ etiquette (where communities were self-selecting and moderated). This was exacerbated by the lack of functional cut tags, so everything was all completely visible, and you had to scroll past every post in its entirety. The culture of “don’t post anti in the tag” was a social concept developed to deal with Tumblr’s non-functionality for fandom purposes.[6]

In March 2017 an anon on Fail_Fandomanon elaborated on this origin story, explaining that the antishippers were told go to their own anti[ship] tag, which they did, and where they only interacted with like-minded people and therefore ended up radicalizing each other.[7]

In February 2018 tumblr user and anti-antishipper freedom-of-fanfic argued that anti is a self-designation. A reblogger commented, "I’ve seen people describe themselves as 'an anti' in the meaning 'I am against pedophilic/incestuous ships and I will actively argue against their right to exist on the internet'."[8]

Example Ships

Examples of pairings where anti-shippers have been active:

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