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Name: Osomatsu-san
Mr. Osomatsu
Abbreviation(s): Ososan, OSMT
Creator: Fujio Akatsuka (Osomatsu-kun)
Yoichi Fujita and Shū Matsubara (Osomatsu-san)
Date(s): October 5, 2015–March 26, 2018 (first season)
October 2, 2017–March 26, 2018 (second season)
January 15, 2016–present (manga adaptation)
March 15, 2019 (movie)
Medium: anime, manga, mobile games, video game, etc.
Country of Origin: Japan
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Osomatsu-san is a 2015 reboot of a classic children’s manga and anime, Osomatsu-kun, created by Fujio Akatsuka. Produced by Studio Pierrot, the anime then went on to spawn a manga, several mobile games, a video game on the PS Vita, and a movie (coming in March 2019).

Canon Overview

The original Osomatsu-kun series followed the Matsuno brothers; Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu, who are all identical sextuplets who cause mischief. Mr. Osomatsu depicts the brothers as being ten years older than their original counterparts (with the action taking place in a contemporary setting). All of the brothers have now grown up into lazy NEETs, with each brother having developed their own distinguishing personality. The series follows the brothers in their everyday (and occasionally made up) lives.



Tropes in Fanon

  • Angst (especially in fic) involving Karamatsu, who often ends up on the receiving end of cruel jokes in both canon and fanon
  • Fanworks based on alternate universes of the Osomatsu-san canon (and fanon!). The anime, merchandise, and especially mobile games like Hesokuri Wars, Pazzmatsu, and Tabimatsu offer different variations of the Matsuno brothers (and sometimes others) in alternate universes, which help create diverse takes and twists on those ideas and more.

Western Fandom

The western fandom is predominantly active in Tumblr and Twitter, and is often more prone to divisions over ships, especially since the majority of the popular ships are incestuous. To mitigate the issue, problematic ships like BLMatsu and TouOso are often posted separately from the main fandom tags.

Despite the anime being aimed at adults (especially with the content it shows), the fandom consists primarily of teens and young adults.

Japanese Fandom

To separate incest ships from platonic depictions, the Japanese fandom developed a naming system for the platonic duos, trios, and variation of groups of brothers[1][2][3], while ships with the brothers use the first part of the brothers’ names paired or grouped together (i.e. KaraIchi, OsoChoroTodo).[4]

The Western fandom adopted this naming system to better sort platonic depictions from romantic/sexual portrayals of the brother pairs/trios/groups. However, this can catch newcomers in the fandom off guard, especially on Tumblr and Twitter where the fandom predominantly resides in.[5]


  • 長兄松 (Chokeimatsu) Osomatsu & Karamatsu--“Eldest-Brother Matsu”
  • 速度松 (Sokudomatsu) Osomatsu & Choromatsu--“Speedmatsu”
  • パーカー松 (Parkamatsu) Osomatsu & Ichimatsu--“Parkamatsu”
  • 馬鹿松、いちご松 (Bakamatsu, Ichigomatsu) Osomatsu & Jyushimatsu--“Idiotmatsu”/“Strawberrymatsu”
  • 紅松 (Benimatsu) Osomatsu & Todomatsu--“Redmatsu”
  • 水陸松 (Suirikumatsu) Karamatsu & Choromatsu-- “Water-and-Land Matsu”
  • 色松 (Iromatsu) Karamatsu & Ichimatsu--“Colormatsu”
  • 筋肉松 (Kinnikumatsu) Karamatsu & Jyushimatsu--“Musclematsu”
  • 材木松 (Zaimokumatsu) Karamatsu & Todomatsu--“Timbermatsu”
  • 年中松 (Nenchumatsu) Choromatsu & Ichimatsu--“Middlematsu”
  • 若葉松 (Wakabamatsu) Choromatsu & Jyushimatsu--“Young-Leaf Matsu”
  • サイバー松 (Cybermatsu)/ツッコミ松 (Tsukkomimatsu) Choromatsu & Todomatsu
  • 数字松 (Suujimatsu)/電池松 (Denchimatsu) Ichimatsu & Jyushimatsu--“Numbermatsu”/“Batterymatsu”
  • 110松 (Ichitomatsu) Ichimatsu & Todomatsu--“110Matsu”
  • 末松 (Suematsu) Jyushimatsu & Todomatsu--“Endmatsu” or perhaps “Youngmatsu”


While this list does not cover for all the trio combinations, here are some common trios:

  • 兄松 (Animatsu) Osomatsu, Karamatsu, and Choromatsu--"Older brother-matsu"
  • 弟松 (Otoutomatsu) Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu--"Younger brother-matsu"
  • Reserve Trio: Karamatsu, Choromatsu, and Jyushimatsu (JPN names can vary)
  • Dependent Trio: Osomatsu, Ichimatsu, and Todomatsu (again, JPN names can vary)



Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

Fanworks consist of primarily fanart and fanfiction in both Western and Non-Western fandoms, along with cosplay, manips, and vidding in the form of PVs and song covers by both voice imitations and UTAU (dubbed Matsuloids).

Resources & Communities


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