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Name: Atsushi
あつしくん (Atsushi-kun)
Occupation: driver
mixer organizer
Relationships: Todomatsu Matsuno (acquaintance)
Fandom: Osomatsu-san
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Atsushi is an Osomatsu-san-exclusive minor character who appeared in the skit “Star of Hope, Todomatsu”. He is one of Todomatsu’s acquaintances and organizes mixers.


Atsushi appeared in “The Star of Hope, Todomatsu” for less than a few seconds. He is the one who invited Todomatsu to a mixer. The only information given (according to Todomatsu) is that he owns a nice car, has decent looks, has money, and is on the higher end of the social ladder.


His physical similarities with the Matsunos may have been what contributed to his popularity in the fandom.

Common Tropes

  • His wealth was inherited in some manner.
  • He is only higher in social rank compared to Todomatsu.


Atsushi is frequently shipped with Todomatsu, his acquaintance. He is also shipped with the other Matsuno brothers.

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