Todomatsu Matsuno

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Name: Todomatsu Matsuno
松野 トド松 (Matsuno Todomatsu)
Occupation: NEET (current)
Sutabaa barista (“Todomatsu and the Five Demons”)
Relationships: Osomatsu Matsuno (elder brother)
Karamatsu Matsuno (older brother)
Choromatsu Matsuno (older brother)
Ichimatsu Matsuno (older brother)
Jyushimatsu Matsuno (older brother)
Matsuyo (mother)
Matsuzo (father)
Chibita (childhood rival, friend)
Totoko Yowai (childhood friend, love interest), Atsushi (acquaintance), Aida and Sacchi (friends, former coworkers)
Fandom: Osomatsu-kun, Osomatsu-san
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Todomatsu Matsuno is the second-born Matsuno sextuplet. In Osomatsu-san, he is color-coded in pink.

In Osomatsu-kun

Todomatsu and his brothers are all identical, which is used as a common gag in both the manga and the anime.

In Osomatsu-san

He is color-coded in pink. He has a sweet-surfaced personality, but has other motivations behind the sweet mask.


Common Headcanons

  • His desire to become independent from his brothers stemmed from his junior high and high school years.


In BLMatsu, he is frequently shipped with Karamatsu, due to their closeness in Osomatsu-kun. Todomatsu is also shipped with Atsushi, an acquaintance mentioned in “Star of Hope, Todomatsu”.