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Synonyms: Fandom Police, fancop
See also: Anti-shipper
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Fanpol (sometimes FanPol) is short for "fandom police." This is a derogatory term for people who try to control or restrict other people's fandom activities. It caught on in late 2019 or early 2020, and is commonly used for anti-shippers on Tumblr and Twitter. Some groups have proposed calling them "Frollos" instead, after the villain in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Common uses include "Fanpol DNI" ("Do not interact") in profiles.

Examples of use

Fanpol is just fan police.. its when fans dont like smt or find that a ship isnt « correct » so they start policing everyone about why its wrong and all.. no one likes fanpol
yuzushobooty, Sep 7 2020 on Twitter
Personally I think “fanpol” or “fancops” is the best option we have right now for “anti,” since it is much easier to figure out (lots of folks are familiar with portmanteaus and how to understand them), and the idea of “fandom police” is rather self-explanatory. While the full term “anti-shipper” or “anti-[fill in your ship name here” is also self-explanatory, “fanpol/cops” has the advantage of applying to multiple fandoms, and to those who morality-police multiple aspects of fandom, not just shipping.
baixueagain, May 28 2020 on Tumblr
Fanpol: everything I say is 100% fact

"Do you have any sources to back it up?"
Fanpol: google it
"Ok, so I did, and I couldn't find anything that backed up what you're saying. Can you point me in the right direction?"

Fanpol: [block]
heartspocky, Apr 27 2020 on Twitter
Antis / fanpol / purity culture people will tell you that it’s anti-antis / proshippers who are the predators when it’s antis / fanpol / purity culture people who engage in predatory behavior and justify abusing / retraumatizing actual people while the predators they’re accusing proshippers / anti-antis of being slip in the back door.
butterflyinthewell, July 2020 on Tumblr