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For the character, see Beetlejuice (character). For other uses, see Beetlejuice (disambiguation).
Name: Beetlejuice
Abbreviation(s): BTJ
Creator: Michael McDowell and Tim Burton
Date(s): 1988 (film), 1989–1991 (toon), 2018–2023 (musical), 1991–ongoing (Revue)
Medium: Film, Animated Series, Musical
Country of Origin: United States
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Beetlejuice is a fandom based on the 1988 comedy horror film directed by Tim Burton and related media, including a 1989–1991 animated series and a 2018 musical.


This is a multi-verse fandom where the main character is a ghost. Beetlejuice, though he is the primary character has very little screentime in the movie but is the primary figure for the entire franchise. Each universe of this franchise has its own unique story and set of rules.

Another canon appearance of Beetlejuice includes Betelgeuse's Rock 'n' Roll Graveyard Revue.



Over the years the fandom has been split between the Film, Toon, Musical, and the Revue show. Of the first three mediums, each version of Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz has slightly different personality traits, enough that the characters can be differentiated by mannerisms in fanfiction and visuals in fanart.

See: Timeline of Beetlejuice Fandom

Common Themes and Trends

  • Afterlife and Ghosts – The franchise plays a lot on death and what comes after but often the afterlife is just more bureaucratic nonsense and rules.
  • Bodysharing and Possession – There are many fanfics depicting the spirits possessing the living. Taking over their actions and sometimes taking over the body and mind completely. A good example in fandom can be found in Haunting Temptation by Fairdrea. Where Beetlejuice takes over Lydia's body to stop the town folk from exorcising him.
  • Bound Together – A lot of stories involving the Beetlejuice/Lydia ship have elements of being bound together by marriage or contract. Sometimes even going to far as soul bonding as in the "Lydia was Early?" series by Without Hesitation.
  • Clones – In the musical adaptation and toon adaptation, Beetlejuice has been known to duplicate himself for comedic and plot reasons.
  • Coming of Age – Many stories about Lydia Deetz will have themes of her maturing into an adult or reaching that magical number making her legal for shipping stories.
  • Crossover – Crossing over Beetlejuice with other franchises (and sometimes within the Beetlejuice multiverse) has become a popular way to cameo the ghost with the most and his antics.
  • Cut One and the Other One Bleeds – A common trope among Beetlejuice/Lydia shippers.
  • Darkfic - Some writers use Beetlejuice to explore dark topics like death, murder, suicide, and torture. Sometimes using Lydia Deetz to explore stories ranging from Dub-con to Deathfic
  • Demons in Fanworks – Growing in popularity as the Musical refers to Beetlejuice as a demon as opposed to a ghost.
  • Enemies to Lovers – Beetlejuice starts out as the enemy in the franchise. This is seen in both Beetlejuice/Lydia fanfics as well as Beetlejuice/Maitlands fics.
  • Friends to Lovers – This trope is used in Toon universe for Beetlejuice and Lydia more than Movie. It can be found in musical verse as well.
  • Get Together, Slow Burn, and Mutual Pining – Widely used for Beetlejuice and Lydia toon stories. Sometimes can be found in Beetlejuice/Maitland.
  • Love Triangle – Beetlejuice/Lydia/Prince Vince
  • Reader-Insert – Popular in the Musical universe
  • Reunion Fics – Beetlejuice is reunited with Lydia in all universes.
  • Role Reversal – Popular in the Musical universe where many make Lydia a ghost and BJ a human.


  • Handbook For The Recently Deceased – The book given to everyone when they die. It reads like stereo instructions but has everything one needs to know when they cross over.
  • Dante's Inferno Room – Summoned by Juno, Dante's is a brothel placed in Adam Maitland's town model to distract Beetlejuice.
    • Dante's Girls – The prostitutes who work at Dante's. There are many OC's created based on these nameless women.
  • Sandworms – They eat ghosts who cross their path. They are very popular among fans and are represented in fanart, fanfiction, and official Merch.
  • "Draw a Door" – This is what you do when you need help. Draw a door and it becomes a real door to the afterlife.
  • The Waiting Room – Appearing in the film and cartoon, the waiting room is where the dead go when they need help.
  • Strange and Unusual – "I myself am strange and unusual" Often appearing in memes and merch in reference to Lydia Deetz.
  • Never Trust the Living – This quote by Juno is often used in memes and merch. It has been referenced in fan spaces when fandom wars break out.


The franchise, primarily the cult classic film, has been known to provide fans with meme-able characters and moments.


Portmanteau etc. Ship Characters Universe
• BeetleBabes
• Betelyds
• Beetz
Beetlejuice/Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice / Lydia Deetz Film, Toon, Musical
• BeetleTina Beetlejuice/Miss Argentina Beetlejuice / Miss Argentina Film, Musical
• BeetleBones Beetlejuice/Jaques Beetlejuice / Jaques LaLean Toon
• Beetleland Beetlejuice/Maitlands Beetlejuice / Adam Maitland / Barbara Maitland Musical
• Deetzland The Deetz’s/The Maitlands Charles Deetz / Delia Deetz / Adam Maitland / Barbara Maitland Musical

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