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Name: Beetlejuice (Musical)
Abbreviation(s): BTJ, BJ
Creator: Eddie Perfect
Date(s): 2019 - 2020
Medium: Musical
Country of Origin: US
External Links: Beetlejuice the Musical Official Website
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Beetlejuice was a Broadway musical by Eddie Perfect, Scott Brown and Anthony king. It was adapted from a film of the same name by Tim Burton. The musical features a recently deceased couple who tries to hire a bio-exorcist to rid their home of the new family that had moved in.


The musical had a Pre-Broadway tryout in Washington D.C. in 2018, before opening on Broadway in 2019. It was slated to close on June 6, 2020, but because of the coronavirus crisis, played its last performance on March 12, 2020.[1]



Tropes & Fanon

Popular fanon is that Beetlejuice is either genderfluid or some other nonbinary gender. Its widespread acceptance may be due to the fact that Alex Brightman, who originated the role of Beetlejuice, has expressed support of the headcanon.[2] Some fans view this opinion as word of God confirmation on its canon status, but other fans believe that actor confirmation is no more than a popular headcanon, due to the nature of theater having many actors for one character.

A popular ship called Beetlelands is an OT3 ship between Beetlejuice and both Maitlands. The other most popular ship is Beetlebabes, the ship of Lydia and Beetlejuice. A beetlebabes shipper is often referred to, most often by antis, as "a beetlebabe" or "multiple beetlebabes." This ship is considered controversial due to the age difference between teenage Lydia and adult/possibly centuries old Beetlejuice. This has sparked much controversy, including the fact that the winner of the Playbill cover contest[3] ships Beetlebabes, causing many people to say they shouldn't have won or their art be supported.[4]

Example Fanworks


You’re No Prize Either [1] by Smol_LydiaDate: 2020-06-10Length: 2,354
A mayor’s daughter. A rogue victor. A pining boy. In District 12, 55 years after Lucy Gray Baird’s Games, one Lydia Deetz is reaped into the arena, but she has more to contend with than merely staying alive. A Beetlebabes Hunger Games AU.
Working on it [2] by stinkywormsDate: 2020-06-11Length: 3,784
Lydia isn't sure if she's ready to forgive him, yet.
Say My Name Until it Doesn't Hurt [3] by inthenetherworldDate: 2020-07-02Length: 2,693
AU where Delia and Barbara are in their 20s and complete strangers. Both women just getting out of bad relationships, they randomly meet at a bar at their lowest points. Feelings and things ensue.
In the Spectre's Shadow [4] by LadyStrangeandUnusual (Dream_Wreaver)Fandom: Beetlejuice - Perfect/Brown & KingDate: 2020-09-09–2020-06-15Length: 113107Status: Completed
A retelling of the events before, during, and after the musical.



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