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Synonym(s)Developing Relationship
Related tropes/genresFirst Kiss, First Time (genre), Mutual Pining
See alsoMeet Cute, Slow Burn
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A Get Together fic is one where the primary relationship begins - as in, the primary characters "get together". It's a very common trope in fic, though less common in other media.

In addition to fic, get together is also a common early headcanon exercise for fans who believe that their ship should or will be canonical. In general, get together works are often common when a ship first appears. Even ships which are already canonical may receive get together works set in the past, explaining how the characters came to be together in the first place.

The opposite of a get together fic would be a breakup fic. It can also be contrasted with Established Relationship.


Get together fics may have a wide variety of structures, but one of the most common is to begin with the characters meeting and end with them confessing their feelings for one another or having sex for the first time - often both. How long this process takes may be a trope unto itself; Slow Burn and Mutual Pining are very common, prolonging the process. Often the characters may be oblivious to each others' feelings, or even their own. Obstacles to the relationship - internal or external, reasonable or ridiculous - are often added to prolong the "Will They, Won't They" feeling.

Get together fics may resemble romance novels and romantic movies in some ways, with similar requirements, such as a happy (and together) ending for the main characters. The relationship is also generally the focus of a get together fic, though other plot elements may happen around the edges.


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