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A meet cute or meet-cute is a screenwriting term for a movie scene in which the main characters in a story first meet, usually in circumstances that are quirky, humorous or "cute." This meeting then leads to their developing feelings for each other.[1] [2]

Meet-cutes are a common fanfiction trope. They are a subset of First Meeting or Get Together stories. As of September 2020, 13260 AO3 works used the canonical "Meet-Cute" tag.

Examples of Use

The Meet Cute Project
Prompts, scenes, and general RomCom ridiculousness. Tweeting @meetcuteproject

Ch. 6: Love in the Time of Corona (quarantine meet-cute)

Thank You Fics Round 3 by sabrecmc

Spider-Man and Deadpool Have a Meet-Cute

Spider-Man and Deadpool Have a Meet-Cute by AGlassRoseNeverFades


Hello Hello, Archived version by Olive 7/11 aka Edward-TozierFandom: ITDate: 08 June 2019Length: 1:00Medium: Fanart - AnimaticStatus: WIPGenre: Meet Cute, College AU
Heyooo,, just a really quick super messy wip of an Animatic, basically the storyline is they are both freshman college students in ny or something and then bump into each other on the street and yeah,, hope you like it :)) - Song - Hello Hello by Elton John & Lady Gaga (Reddie)

Meet Ugly

Around 2014, writers on AO3 started using the term meet-ugly to refer to a meeting which is "the opposite of meet-cute."[3]

In some cases, the term is simply used to describe a less-than-ideal meeting, which could fall under the "meet-cute" definition--and indeed, some of those are tagged both with 'meet-ugly' and 'meet-cute', or with 'meet-cute' and fluff.[4]

In others cases, the tag is used to describe Enemies to Lovers stories or genuine Darkfic.

Meet-Cute; Kinda; it could be seen as; Meet-Ugly; As well

AO3 tags for Mole Cutie & Cute Crooked Jaw Guy by orphan_accountl, posted March 2015

What happens when you meet the person that you had been drooling over for 4 and a half minutes? Well, it's not all sunshine and rainbows at first, but there is some potential if they could just get by the miscommunication. Remus and Sirius find this out after spotting one another at the International Pole Dancing Championship and Convention. Meet-Cute? More like Meet-Ugly.

Wouldn't It Be Nice? by FivePips and jennandblitz, posted Aug 2019

100 meet ugly writing prompts for your ugly writing needs!
Because people aren’t perfect. People make mistakes. Sometimes they react first and think later. Sometimes circumstances are less than ideal, but good things come from it anyway.

Meet Ugly Writing Prompts by veronicabunchwrites, Dec 2018

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