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Clones are a common trope that frequently appears in fanworks as well as canons, especially science fiction ones.

Clones are usually identical, although sometimes they are of the opposite gender.

Some practical considerations tend to be ignored in most uses of this trope; most notably, a new clone should be a newborn baby, not an adult, and should not have the original person's skills or personality. This is usually hand-waved away by references to brain scanning, artificial ageing, etc. There might also be problems with replication errors, where the copy is not a perfect duplicate of the original.

In fanfic cloning is often used as a fix-it to bring back characters who have been killed. This is especially common in Stargate: SG-1 (and crossovers with the series) where the Asgard Loki studied humans by abducting them and replacing them with short-lived clones, swapping them back after a few days. If the clone is killed during this period the original person would presumably survive. The legal consequences affecting e.g. inheritance, ownership of property, etc. are rarely explored.

Fandoms with Canonical Clones

Some fandoms where clones are canon:

Clones in Fanworks