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Name: Danny Phantom
Abbreviation(s): DP
Creator: Butch Hartman
Date(s): April 3, 2004 – August 24, 2007
Medium: television
Country of Origin: United States
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Danny Phantom is a Nickelodeon superhero/science fantasy animated series created by animator Butch Hartman.


The show is about a 14-year-old named Danny Fenton who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the supernatural "Ghost Zone", becomes half-ghost and frequently saves his town and the world from ghost attacks, while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret from everyone, except his best friends Tucker Foley and Samantha "Sam" Manson.

Main Characters

The series had many reoccurring characters, for more check out Wikipedia.


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Fans of the series often put "Phan" in the beginning of words that use fan, such as Phans for fans, Phandom for fandom and Phanzine for fanzine.

Events & Challenges

dp2010exchange was an gift exchange for the 2010 winter holidays created and moderated by skellagirl on LiveJournal.

Phanniemay was an Danny Phandom event that began in 2013 on Tumblr by thickerthanectoplasm that celebrates Danny Phantom throughout the month of May with prompts released each day of the month. It ran in 2014 and 2015 as well.[1]

A DP Rarepair Week happened in March 2017 on Tumblr by punkhalfghosts, narwhalsarefalling and ectopusses to celebrate the rarepairs of the fandom.[2]

Phic Phight is an event inspired by Art Fight which has taken place in 2019, 2020, and 2021. [3]

The Invisobang is a Danny Phantom Big Bang and Mini Bang event planned for 2021, with posting for both events starting August 23.[4]

Common Tropes and Fanon

  • Crossovers are fairly popular, the top five are: Teen Titans, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Young Justice, and Fairly OddParents.
  • Bad Boy/Dark!Danny, this includes the Danny Masters trope where Vlad is Danny's father. The other characters, namely Sam and Tucker, evil versions are also used in fanworks.
  • Character Deaths
  • Revelations of Danny's secret to various characters before it was canonized in the series finale Phantom Planet.
  • Genderswap, where Danny and Tucker are girls and Sam is the boy.
  • Character/Power swap, where someone, for example Sam, is the one with the ghost powers instead of Danny.
  • Darkfic in various forms, often where Danny gets experimented on or left a body behind when he first became a ghost.
  • Ghost King AUs, where after defeating the Ghost King in episode 24, Danny is considered the King of the Ghost Zone, whether he knows it or not.
  • No Phantom Planet AUs are also common and often go unlabelled, since some fans consider the final episode of the show, Phantom Planet, to be non-canon.


The most popular het pairing is Danny/Sam, while most popular slash pairing is Danny/Vlad. Other pairings that have appeared in the fandom are: Danny P./Danny F., Danny/Dash, Danny/Valerie, Tucker/Jazz, Danny/Desiree, Jazz/Tucker, Danny/Tucker, Sam/Tucker, Danny/Dan, and Tucker/Valerie. The canon pairing of Jack/Maddie often appears in fanworks as a background pairing, however several works focus on them as well.

Gen works are fairly common with DP fanworks.

See List of Danny Phantom Relationship Names.


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  • The Return of Dani Phantom by R.tistiC, A few years after Phantom Planet, an unexpected visitor comes. And she's getting pumped. An encounter with The Guys in White, Wulf making a new friend, Danny being saved in grave peril: It all leads up to one thing... The Dani with an 'I' is back. (Rated K, Dani & Danny)
  • Danny Phantom: Facing the Future by Aaron12, It's finally happened! Dark Danny has escaped from Clockwork's castle and set his sights on earth! Two mysterious new ghosts may hold the key to stopping him, but why are they attacking Danny and the others? And what is their connection to Clockwork? When these questions are answered, Danny and Sam's world will be forever changed. (Rated K+, Danny/Sam)
  • Cupid's Wrath by Flower princess11, After being defeated by Danny yet again, Ember angers Cupid who in turn casts a spell on her that forces her to fall in love with her worst enemy: Danny! Now Danny has to deal with a lovesick Ember, a jealous Paulina, a furious Skulker and the upcoming Valentines day madness. Will Ember somehow break the spell? Will Danny be able to escape her amorous pursuit or will he give in? (Rated T, Danny/Ember)
  • Ghost Stories by Vexel, Danny was not happy. After two years of fighting ghosts, he thought he could handle strange. But when a bunch of costumed weirdos who worked for a super-secret law enforcement agency kidnap him, demanding that he help fight against a wannabe vampire and a megalomanic god with a grudge, he was really considering retirement from the hero gig. (Rated T, The Avengers Movieverse crossover)
  • Family Ties by breakingdawn77, Astroid destroyed, secret revealed. Clueless no more, Danny Fenton is finally at peace with everything in his life. So what happens when Danielle crashes, quite literally, into his life? Will he be able to handle something that he had thought was impossible? Let's find out. (Rated T, Danny/Sam, Dani/Tucker, sequel)
  • The Ghost of Heroes by Enigmaris, ScarletNightFury. New York City isn't prepared for a ghostly invasion. The Avengers are finally all in the same place again... The fractured team can't seem to come together. It's a good thing then that Danny Phantom is ready to save the day. That doesn't mean anyone is prepared for when he keeps showing up. (Rated Teen and up, Danny/Peter Parker, The Avengers Movieverse crossover, WIP)
  • Phantom of Truth by HaiJu, Locked away in a secret government lab with Phantom as her subject, nothing stands between Maddie and the truth... except, perhaps, herself. (Rated T, Danny & Madeleine Fenton)



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