American Dragon: Jake Long

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Name: American Dragon: Jake Long
Abbreviation(s): ADJL
Creator: Jeff Goode
Date(s): 21 September 2005-1 September 2007
Medium: Animated series
Country of Origin: USA
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American Dragon: Jake Long (adjl or AD:JL) is a 2005-2007 Disney Channel cartoon created by Jeff Goode about the adventures of Jake, a Chinese-American teenager living in Manhattan, who must balance ordinary adolescence with the power and responsibility of changing into a dragon.


The art style of the show underwent a drastic change for the second a final season—fan reception to this change has generally been mixed to negative.


As of June 2022, on American Dragon: Jake Long has 1.2K fanfics and a handful of communities, including ones focused on shipping Jake Long and Rose and slash. On Archive of Our Own there are 301 fanfics, with the first most popular ship being Jake Long/Rose|Huntsgirl and the second most popular being Danny Fenton/Jake Long, a crossover ship with Danny Phantom.

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