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Screenshot - the posts features Luke/Leia and Cesare/Lucrezia, while the layout features Dee/Dennis and Ares/Athena.
Name: Shipcestuous, family values blog, aka That Crazy Incest-Shipping Blog
Date(s): November 22, 2012 - November 2018 (active)
2020 - 2021 (static)
November 9, 2021 - present
Submissions: yes
Type: Incest pairings - canon and non-canon
Fandom: Multifandom
Scope: commentary/discussion, fanworks, fanfiction, gifsets, picspams, etc.
URL: Tumblr:


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Shipcestuous was a tumblr blog created alongside the Wordpress x4ashes4ashes blog as a resource for various incest pairings and relationships - both canon and fanon.

The blog was deleted in the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge. Some content was moved to a temporary location By 2020 the original URL showed back up, and the blog's became active again on Nov 9, 2021[1]


"I started this tumblr as a companion to my wordpress blog, which I created because I saw plenty of incest shippers out there, but we were spread wide and far across a myriad of fandoms and I wanted there to be a community for us where we could connect. I also needed an outlet for all of my incest shipping. I used it mainly for commentary/shipper spin, which can be very hard to find for less popular pairings. Now I focus more on this tumblr, and my wordpress is reserved for long, detailed commentaries.

This blog is only for incest shipping/discussion. I ship plenty of other non-incest relationships and I fangirl about them elsewhere.

There are more details about me on my wordpress site, in my about section and in my first entry, which explain more about why I started the site, what I post there, and how I came to be in such a sad state. You might also be interested in the F.A.Q., my GPOY-type tag, and my tag for answered asks about myself.

I’m a lover of non-canon pairings. I have an overactive imagination. And I AM ALWAYS WEARING MY SHIPPER GOGGLES. Please do not take my commentary or my speculation too seriously. I am not delusional, I only play one on TV. And I believe in the death of the author: I think that we have the freedom and the right to interpret stories the way we want to or to play around with the characters in alternate scenarios.

I don’t personally ship every relationship that appears on this blog. Examples of canon incest and/or prominent familial relationships are always of interest regardless of shippability, and ships that my followers want to see or ships that are more popular on tumblr will feature distinct from my own interest in them."

The new About page after it returned from the purge:

"As it states in the sidebar, this is a multi-fandom blog for canon and non-canon incest ships. It can be hard out there for an incest-shipper - I hope this will feel like a safe place and a community where we can all make friends, gush about ships, and share recommendations.

Although I want this space to serve the public interest of our community of incest shippers, I consider it to ultimately be a personal blog. (Though not a post-anything blog: it will always focus purely on incest ships or matters of incest shipping.) I consider "shipcestuous" to primarily be my username (though you are welcome to call me Astrid) and I will most likely always run it all by myself. Content will be guided by interests, and activity, unfortunately, by my work schedule.

As many of you know, my blog was down for nearly a year after the Great Tumblr Purge of November 2018. As I got the blog back up and running again, I have had to make some changes to reflect the reality of how much time I currently have to offer. I realize some of these changes will be unwelcome, but I hope they will facilitate the running of the blog for me and help me to be able to focus on what interests me most with the time that I have. I also hope it will result in faster answer/reply times. The full explanation is on the Guidelines page, but the most important information for returning and new followers is this: ships discussed here on shipcestuous should be 1) fictional only and 2) closely-related by blood only. Nonfiction, cousins, stepcest, adopted, etc. will have a new home on a second blog: shipcestuous-other. Those comments and ships are still welcome and encouraged and appreciated, and I anticipate that the alterate blog will be just as active as this one. Please read the Guidelines page to see what I primarily cover here and how I handle content that doesn't fall under that umbrella."

Reaction to Tumblr Purge

I have a lot of feelings about this, and would like to say “I’m done with Tumblr.” And actually, that is how I feel, because Shipcestuous’ blog was one of those deleted. If you’ve followed her blog, you’d know it was one of the biggest shipcest blogs, and possibly one of the few multi-fandom ones. There was always such great discussion on there, and I’ve never seen a community more loving and genuine than the one she built there.[2]

Position on Real Incest

As of 2021, the focus of Shipcestuous had expanded to advocacy for real-world incest, on the side blog shipcestuous_two.

In 2013 Shipcestuous had posted that "I try not to ship real people (because it feels like a violation and does make me uncomfortable)..."[3], and in 2015, the main shipcestuous blog still wavered on the subject of real world incest:

Incest in real life is such a difficult topic. Because the truth is that the majority of cases of incest in real life are abuse, and far too many are underage. ....In the world of fiction the author is God and can write incest under the best of circumstances – true consent and solid decision-making. They can write it healthy. Write it even as the best possible thing for the characters involved. But in real life, of course, it’s rarely going to be under the best possible circumstances. I don’t want to sound negative – I fully support the legalization of incest in accordance with all existing consent and age-of-consent laws and I am absolutely against hateful/persecuting behavior towards anyone who is the victim of incestuous sexual abuse or who has been in a consensual incestuous relationship – I just want to be responsible in the way that I talk about it. There’s the matter of my insufficient knowledge, and the possible negative consequences of underestimating how potentially harmful even consensual incest and/or the normalization of incest can be.[4]

In 2018, shipcestuous appeared to be venturing further into the waters of real-world incest:

Thanks for sharing this, Anon. I haven’t listened to it yet but it appears to be the exact kind of thing we need to learn more about so that we can defend consensual incest.[5]

By 2021 the blog was advising members of the community against feeling guilt over shipping their own family members together:

Anonymous asked: I’m only 19, but sometimes I worry that if I ever become a grandmother I won’t be able to resist shipping my grandchildren with each other.

shipcestuous: It might happen. I mean, there’s really no off-button, no going back, once your mind is at a point where you’re willing to consider such a thing. ...But you’ll be their grandmother and you’ll love them so you’ll want them to be happy with whoever they want to be with, so it won’t matter that much. And anyway, all parents and grandparents and relatives have their ideas of who they do and don’t want the others to be with. It’s basically still just that same thing. Shippers gonna ship.

Or you could go all Queen Victoria on them and try to get them all to marry each other. [6]

Anonymous asked: Is it messed up that I ship my own cousins (bro/sis)? It feels super weird bc ik a lot of close siblings but none scream 'COUPLE' like my own relatives. [...]

Shipcestuous-two: I don’t want you to feel bad about this anymore, Anon, because a lot of that behavior is super suggestive. I’m not saying incestuous feelings are there at all, but it seems perfectly reasonable to ship them, especially when you hang out around here and we ship pretty hard for a lot less than all that.

They sound pretty OTP to me. Wow.

I think it’s only natural for it to a feel a little weird to ship people in real life, especially siblings, and especially if they’re in your family but…I think they’re inviting it. Just sayin’.[7]

As of 2021, the shipcestuous_two blog also accepted anonymous submissions of the social media of real families, under a Nonfiction tag.

ANONYMOUS SUBMISSION: I’m here to tell you that I just found the cutest siblings on social media. They are 4 but the closest ones are [****] and [****], she is 17 and he is 20[...] shipcestuous: What a very good-looking family. So much cuteness here. Definitely some of those photos made my eyebrows shoot up. Thank you for sharing with us, and going to so much trouble to make it easy for us to see what you like about them!

The blog criticized Riverdale for its depiction of third-cousin incest as scandalous:

Riverdale treats semi-incestuous-but-not-really-incestuous things like they’re a HUGE deal (and they encourage their impressionable young fandom to do the same thing), but it’s also one of the only shows consistently walking the edge of inappropriate family relationships. ... I personally think it’s doing more damage to the ‘cause’ than good for our entertainment to treat a relationship between third cousins like it’s shocking and horrifying. But playing with Cheryl/Jason (even if it ultimately let us down) was good, and allowing Jughead and Betty to be together with minimal angst even though they share a sibling and their parents were/are love interests is good.[8]