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Name: Shipcestuous, family values blog, aka That Crazy Incest-Shipping Blog
Date(s): November 22, 2012 - November 2018
Submissions: yes
Type: Incest pairings - canon and non-canon
Fandom: Multifandom
Scope: commentary/discussion, fanworks, fanfiction, gifsets, picspams, etc.
URL: (dead link) Archived snapshot of the blog, dating to November 19, 2018, temporarychange1,
1st Wordpress & 2nd Wordpress
Screenshot - the posts features Luke/Leia and Cesare/Lucrezia, while the layout features Dee/Dennis and Ares/Athena.
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Shipcestuous was created alongside the Wordpress x4ashes4ashes blog as a resource for various incest pairings and relationships - both canon and fanon.

The blog was deleted in the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge. Although some content was moved to a temporary location, it has not been updated since November 20, 2018.


"I started this tumblr as a companion to my wordpress blog, which I created because I saw plenty of incest shippers out there, but we were spread wide and far across a myriad of fandoms and I wanted there to be a community for us where we could connect. I also needed an outlet for all of my incest shipping. I used it mainly for commentary/shipper spin, which can be very hard to find for less popular pairings. Now I focus more on this tumblr, and my wordpress is reserved for long, detailed commentaries.

This blog is only for incest shipping/discussion. I ship plenty of other non-incest relationships and I fangirl about them elsewhere.

There are more details about me on my wordpress site, in my about section and in my first entry, which explain more about why I started the site, what I post there, and how I came to be in such a sad state. You might also be interested in the F.A.Q., my GPOY-type tag, and my tag for answered asks about myself.

I’m a lover of non-canon pairings. I have an overactive imagination. And I AM ALWAYS WEARING MY SHIPPER GOGGLES. Please do not take my commentary or my speculation too seriously. I am not delusional, I only play one on TV. And I believe in the death of the author: I think that we have the freedom and the right to interpret stories the way we want to or to play around with the characters in alternate scenarios.

I don’t personally ship every relationship that appears on this blog. Examples of canon incest and/or prominent familial relationships are always of interest regardless of shippability, and ships that my followers want to see or ships that are more popular on tumblr will feature distinct from my own interest in them."


Reaction to Tumblr Purge

I have a lot of feelings about this, and would like to say “I’m done with Tumblr.” And actually, that is how I feel, because Shipcestuous’ blog was one of those deleted. If you’ve followed her blog, you’d know it was one of the biggest shipcest blogs, and possibly one of the few multi-fandom ones. There was always such great discussion on there, and I’ve never seen a community more loving and genuine than the one she built there.[1]