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Pairing: Dee Reynolds / Dennis Reynolds
Alternative name(s): DeeDennis, Reynoldscest
Gender category: m/f incest
Fandom: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Canonical?: Implied
Prevalence: Unpopular
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Dee Reynolds/Dennis Reynolds is the twincest pairing of Dee and Dennis Reynolds from the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


The DeeDennis Shipper: You don’t exist, you’re an occasional ironic tweet from Kaitlin Olson, certainly no one LIKES this, it would be so UNFORTUNATE if someone got the WRONG IDEA about what was APPROPRIATE on this VERY WHOLESOME SHOW OF HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. [1]

Fan Works


  • Breaking Point by GoodJanet, Takes place after the events of 9x01: "The Gang Broke Dee."
  • california king bed by orphan_account, Mac, Dee and Dennis are now forced to share not only an apartment but also a bed, which means that certain truths will inevitably come to light. Or, the one where Dennis has been banging both Mac and Dee on the down-low for years. A Dee/Dennis/Mac threesome fic
  • At Each Other's Throats by GoodJanet, Dennis can only come if he's choked, and he knows he can trust Dee to do it.


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  1. Why type of Sunny fan are you? Part one tumblr post by indiwyn, posted March 14, 2017. Accessed October 11, 2018.