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RPF Fandom
Name(s): (The) Phandom, the Phamily
Scope/Focus: Fans of Phan
Date(s): 2010(?)-
See also: YouTube RPF
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Phandom is a portmanteau of Phan and fandom. It refers to the fans of YouTube star vloggers Dan Howell and Phil Lester.

Fandom History

See Phan for detail.

Phandom and the Fourth Wall

The term is used by Dan and Phil themselves - see the official "Phandom Member #" writsbands on sale in their online shops.[1]

Dan and Phil have made several videos directly interacting with their fandom:

Example Fanworks

The Phandom is especially dynamic on Tumblr and Twitter, producing numerous gifsets, lots of fanart and stories.

As of May 6, 2015, there were 1734 works in the Phandom/Fantastic Foursome AO3 tag, most of which were Dan/Phil slash. The earliest was posted on March 25, 2011.[2] The most popular had 67k hits and 2000+ kudos.[3]

Fandom Resources

External Links


  1. Official Phandom Member Wristband,, on sale as of May 2015.
  2. you could go swimming in those eyes by namelikeafairytale.
  3. Come What May by PhantasticFiction, a 209k words, 48-part hookerfic containing a slew of warnings.