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Name: Dan Howell
Also Known As: danisnotonfire
Occupation: Youtube creator
Medium: YouTube
Works: see Dan's YouTube Channel
Official Website(s): YouTube channel
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Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire is a British YouTube creator, BBC Radio 1 presenter and self-described "Internet cult leader".

He is one half of Dan & Phil with Phil Lester. See: Phandom.

Dan came out as gay in a video in June 2019.


Dan was born in 1991. His early life and teenage experiences are often subjects of his videos, many of which are in his series "Reasons Why Dan's a Fail." He went to university for law, but dropped out after two years.

Dan uploaded his first video in October 2009, entitled "HELLO INTERNET." His intro from that video, which involves him saying "My name is Dan" while making square brackets with his hands, has evolved into somewhat of a meme within the Phandom. Dan is also very embarrassed by it. His channel increased steadily in popularity for some time.

His first video with Phil was Phil is Not On Fire, a collaborative Q&A video. It has eight and a half million views as of August 2019.


As of May 6, 2015, there were 1790 works tagged "Dan Howell" on AO3. Within those, an overwhelming majority were Phan fanworks, either as a romantic or platonic ship.[1]

Other occurring ships in order of popularity: Dan/OFC, Dan/You, Dan/OMC.

Example Fanworks

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