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Synonyms: androids, cyborgs, sexbots
Related: Artificial Intelligence
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Cover of The Dungeoneer v.1, no.3; generic "ray gun" robot

Robots are a popular science fiction trope. The word robot was invented in 1920 by Karel Čapek for a Czech science fiction play, R.U.R.; the subtitle, "Rossum's Universal Robots", was in English. Many fandoms have canonical robots, such as Data on TNG and several characters in the Terminator franchise. A typical plot is for the robot character to desire to be more human.

In some fandoms, AUs casting a canonically human character as a robot are fairly popular.

A sex-bot is a robot designed to be a sex slave. Sex-bots may be even more popular in media than in fanworks, appearing in everything from Austen Powers and AI: Artificial Intelligence to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As a sexual kink robot fic can be fantasies about sex-bots, but also related to the Fucking Machine kink or to the alien kink, depending on how the robot is designed (see also mechanical tentacles). However, the anatomy of a robot is usually designed like a human's. On the mental side there can be overlap with a mind control kink.

In the late 2022s onward, natural language processing chatbot AIs, particularly characterAI, began being used to have bots roleplay as fandom characters, sometimes for sexual gratification. Ironically, this includes creating bots of robots in media, such as GLaDOS or animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's, so that the robot is playing a robot.

Popular Canon Robot Characters in Fanworks

Robot Unicorn Attack fanwork by DragonsAndBeasties (2011)

Example Fanworks Focusing on Canon Robots



Examples of Non-Canon Robot AU Fanworks

Cover of Guardian Altercode by Weekend; Dean Winchester is a robot

This trope is especially popular in SGA fanfic:

The cyberpunk article also has several examples of fanworks in which characters are or are becoming robots, cyborgs, or androids.

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