April (Buffyverse)

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Name: April
Occupation: Robot
Relationships: Warren Mears (former lover)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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April, played by Shonda Farr, was a robot seen in Buffy S5.


While at college Warren Mears built her as a robot girlfriend/sex toy but decided to abandon her when he met Katrina Silber. Instead of destroying her he simply abandoned her when he moved to Sunnydale, expecting that she would run out of power and "die" eventually. Instead she set out to find him, attacking anyone who tried to stop her using martial arts programming. Eventually Warren told her that he loved someone else; April tracked Katrina down and started to kill her, but Buffy intervened and fought her until she began to malfunction and eventually "died", with Buffy sitting beside her as she ground to a halt. What happened to April after that is never revealed; fanon suggests she may have been salvaged by Warren to build the Buffybot, or by Willow for Buffybot spare parts.


April's "death" was an affecting scene, but this is the episode that preceded The Body, which completely overshadowed it. As a result, she has never been taken up by fandom to any great extent. She is a very rare character in fanfic.

Fannish Opinion


The canon pairing is April/Warren, but April/Buffybot (another Buffyverse robot) also appears.

Example Fanworks

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  • The Sun Won't Rise, by Mreeb, "I Was Made To Love You" from April’s perspective.
  • Patchwork Girls by punch_kicker15; "AU: when the Urn of Osiris is irreparably damaged, the Scoobies bring back April to help on patrols. April develops a crush on the Buffybot." April/Buffybot (2015)
  • hello world by ephemeralstar, Buffy takes April back to the Magic Box, and Willow learns how to recharge her.



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