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Name: Questionable Content
Abbreviation(s): QC
Creator: Jeph Jaques
Date(s): 2003-ongoing
Medium: webcomic (with some available print volumes)
Country of Origin: United States
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Questionable Content is a slice-of-life webcomic by Jeph Jaques about “romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.” It's set in a near-future society where the Singularity has taken place and sentient, intelligent AI (most, but not all, of whom appear human) are a common part of society, with rights, jobs, etc. The Questionable Content universe is also stated to be a post-scarcity universe, and has advanced space travel.

This seems not to have made a huge difference to society, as the main focus of the story is a group of human friends and their lives and loves. However, there are hints that in the larger world there have been major changes that haven't yet percolated down to their level. As the comic has progressed, it has introduced a greater diversity of non-human characters and through them, explored more issues related to AI society.

At its outset, the comic focused on Marten Reed, a young would-be indie rocker who was dissatisfied with his life, and his anthroPC (an AI companion), Pintsize. It now has a large cast made up mostly of young professionals, their AI friends and colleagues. The comic has a variety of different storylines and character arcs on the go that it focuses on at different times.

Questionable Content originally updated twice per week, before increasing to thrice-weekly updates and then updates every weekday after artist Jeph Jacques made its creation his full-time job in September 2004.[1]


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Questionable Content is a very well-known webcomic by virtue of having been around since the early 2000s, and having updated consistently for more than 15 years. As such, it has a large fanbase, but the comic has relatively little by the way of an organised fandom and few fanworks. Overall, fanart is more commonplace than fanfiction.

The webcomic has an official forum where fans gather to discuss the comic (and on one occasion, create a collaborative guest strip when Jeph was unable to update the comic[2]). The forum has an official thread for fanfiction recommendations and an official fanart thread; in the early days, fanart was also featured on the Questionable Content main site, with the forum thread created to supplement this.

Outside of the forum, fans gather on Twitter, where Jeph Jacques usually posts a tweet with the day's comic (with a creative URL[note 1]), and discuss the comic in the replies. Jeph will occasionally interact with fans on Twitter. There is some fandom presence on Tumblr, where fans post fanart and screencaps from the comic with commentary. A handful of fanfics[3] have been published to AO3.

Questionable Content also has two dedicated subreddits, r/QuestionableContent and r/QContent. Jeph Jacques has repeatedly stated his dislike of Reddit as a platform,[4][5] and specifically his dislike of the r/QuestionableContent subreddit, whose moderator has previously banned a user for arguing with a transphobe.[6] Jeph tweeted that the mod's actions were "inexcusable" and that the was "so fucking angry and embarrassed about this shit".[7][8] He has endorsed the r/QContent subreddit over the r/QuestionableContent subreddit as a community that is run by "actual nice people".[9]


As a webcomic whose primary focus is relationships and romance, the comic has featured a variety of romantic relationships over time. At present, the comic's canon ships are:

  • Marten/Claire, a relationship between the comic's erstwhile main character, Marten, and library science student Claire Augustus (sometimes shortened to Claireten)
  • Faye Whitaker/Bubbles, a human/AI relationship between Marten's best friend Faye Whitaker and a former combat AI, Bubbles (sometimes shortened to Faybbles)
  • Dora/Tai: Dora Bianchi is Marten's ex and the proprietor of Coffee of Doom, where many of the cast work and hang out. Tai Hubbert is Marten's boss at the college library where he currently works. The two are engaged.
  • Marigold/Dale: Marigold Farmer is the introverted former roommate of Faye's ex-boyfriend, Angus McPhee. Dale is her former nemesis on World of Warcraft, who also works at Coffee of Doom.
  • Steve/Cosette: Steve (no canon last name) is Marten's closest male friend and an old college buddy. Cosette is a college student who now works at Coffee of Doom.
  • Wil/Penelope: Wil is a poet who works as a bartender, and is friends with Dora's brother Sven Bianchi. Penelope is the current assistant manager at Coffee of Doom.
  • Tilly/Station: A human/AI relationship between Tilly, a nonbinary minor character who works as an assistant to Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham's father, and Station, a sentient space station AI.

Of these, Faye/Bubbles is the most popular ship among the fandom, with the highest number of fanworks on AO3 and a lot of fan appreciation on Tumblr. Marten/Claire is currently the second-most-popular ship.

Jeph has also established a romantic attraction between Elliot, who works at The Secret Bakery, and Clinton Augustus, Claire's brother; and between Elliot and Brunhilde Khoury (Brun), who is friends with Clinton and works as a barback; and between Brun and Clinton. Fans ship various combinations of these pairings, including all three together.[10]


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