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Name(s): Robot Unicorn Attack
Scope/Focus: online video game
Date(s): February 2010 - present
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Robot Unicorn Attack (link) is an online video game produced by Spiritonin Media Games. It was released on the website Adult Swim on February 4, 2010 and quickly became one of the most popular games. In the following months merchandise and two "special editions" were released, Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal and Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition. In February 2012 a new version, "Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution", was released on Facebook.

The game is very simple: the player directs a robot unicorn, using the keys "Z" and "X", to jump and dash through obstacles (stars). The goal is to collect points by destroying fairies and stars and staying alive as long as possible while the game keeps getting faster. In "Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution" the unicorn turns into other creatures (a panda, a gorilla, and others) and players can win bonus abilities.

Despite its simplicity, the game is highly addictive.[1] This may be partly due to the rainbows, the sparkles, and the music: the song "Always" by the 80s band Erasure (and "Battlefield" by Blind Guardian for the Heavy Metal version.)


The game's huge popularity immediately prompted a variety of fanart. Fans made robot unicorn figures [2] and created numerous crossovers and fusions, for example a My Little Pony fusion game that features Rainbow Dash in the role of the robot unicorn[3], Batman riding the robot unicorn[4],and many more[5]. Numerous fanart show the robot unicorn as having (more) human features[6], and romantic fanart paired the robot unicorn with the dolphin [7] or with its evil counterpart.[8]

Fanfic also exists, ranging from almost philosophical stories from the POV of the unicorn, exploring its motivations[9] or its "imprisonment" by the programmers [10], to crack fusions[11],to romantic stories pairing the robot unicorn with the dolphin.[12] Other stories explore what happens when various canon characters discover the game (usually they quickly get addicted.)[13]
Several stories were written for Yuletide 2010, for which Robot Unicorn Attack was eligible.

Fanart Gallery


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