The Dungeoneer

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Title: The Dungeoneer
Publisher: The Fantastic Dungeoning Society of Spring Arbor College
Editor(s): see below
Date(s): 1976-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Science Fiction, Dungeons & Dragons
Language: English
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The Dungeoneer is a gen fanzine devoted to Dungeons & Dragons. It contained fiction and articles along with sample role based scenarios/adventures. The somewhat dry publication history can be found here but a better example can be found here. This zine later merged with Judges Guild Journal.

The Dungeoneer v.1, no.1 (issue #1) was published in June 1976, contains 12 pages, and was edited by Paul Jaquays. There were three printings. Contributing Editors: Mark Hendricks, Merle Davenport. Staff: Deb Halsey, Bruce Jaquays, Pam Moore.

  • Fatigue Factors by Paul Jaquays (Game mechanics)
  • The Arcane Elders by Mark Hendricks (fiction)
  • Monster Matrix
    • Gremlins by Paul Jaquays
    • Wax Golems by Merle Davenport
    • Uglies by J. Mark Hendricks
  • F'Cherlak's Tomb by Paul Jaquays (Adventure in a wizard's highly magical tomb)
  • The Goodies Bag
    • Elven Blades by Paul Jaquays
    • The Arcane Crystals by J. Mark Hendricks

The Dungeoneer v.1, no.2 (issue #2) was published in September 1976, contains 16 pages, and edited by Paul Jaquays, Contributing Editors: Mark Hendricks, Merle Davenport. Staff: Bruce Jaquays, Deb Halsey, Tom Siterlet, Dave Marbry. Art by Paul Jaquays and Mark Norton.

  • "The Arcane Elders" part 1 - fiction by J. Mark Hendricks & Paul Jaquays
  • "Those Lovely Ladies" - role-playing female characters in D&D, including several new classes, The Daughters of Delphi, Valkyries, and Circeans by Paul Jaquays
  • "Monster Matrix"
    • Fuzzies and Steelies by Paul Jaquays
    • The Draconette by Bruce Jaquays
    • The Tin Foil Monster by Mark Norton
    • Darkness Monster by Jim Ward
  • "The Goodies Bag" - devoted to different decks of magical cards by Lew
  • "Alcohol in D&D" - and you thought Phil and Dixie covered this by Paul Jaquays
  • "The Fabled Garden of Merlin" - a mini-dungeon for D&D by Merle Davenport

The Dungeoneer v.1, no.3 (issue #3) was published in December 1976, contains 16 pages, was edtied by Paul Jaquays.Contributing Editors: Mark Hendricks. Staff: Tom Siterlet, Dave Marbry, Randy Cox, Bruce Jaquays. Art by Paul Jaquays and Mark Norton.

  • The Arcane Elders by Jim Ward (fiction installment)
  • Monster Matrix
    • The Ray Gun Robot by Jim Ward
    • The Anaswami by Glen Taylor
    • The DNA Monster by Mark Norton
    • Smoke Creatures by Mark Norton
    • The Ibem by Mark Norton
    • Drolls & Snake Turtles by Mark Notion
    • Mud Creatures by Mark Norton
    • Mobil Dis by Jim Ward
    • Wood Golems by Glen Taylor
    • Imps by Mark Norton
    • The Watcher by David Marbry
  • Borshak's Lair by Paul Jaquays (fiction)

The Dungeoneer v.1, no.4 (issue #4) was published in March 1977, contains 16 pages, Editor Emeritus: Paul Jaquays. Editor In Charge of Small Dots: Mark Hendricks. Editor D'Monsters: Randy Cox. Mailing and Making Sure the Editor Becomes Organized: Tamara Wieland, Joleen Schimpf. Writers, Gluers and Correctors: Tom Siterlet, Dave Marbry, Bruce Jaquays, Jim Ward, Tom Johnson and Joan Quick.

  • The Arcane Elders by Mark Hendricks (Fiction)
  • Monster Matrix
    • Zappers by Mark Norton
    • Arora Energy Monster by Jim Ward
    • Monster Bomb by Jim Ward
    • Vorpal Bunnies by Paul Jaquays
    • Mirror Men by Paul Jaquays
    • The Agarrett by Tom Siterlet
    • Ondoculi by Cecil Nurse as suggested by Kaj Nurse
    • Golcoduli by Cecil Nurse as suggested by Kaj Nurse
    • Dust Golems by Tom Johnson
  • The Room of Crocked Magic by Paul Jaquays (Magic item variants)
  • Comments on those Lovely Ladies by Judith Preissle Goetz
  • Metamorphosis Alpha by James M. Ward (Review)
  • Magic, Tomes, Scrolls by Paul Jaquays (Game mechanics)
  • Tricks & Traps (Game mechanics)
  • The Pharaoh's Tomb by Jim Ward (Adventure)
  • The Goodies Bag
    • Necklace of Warriors by Tom Filmore
    • Discs of Severen by Jim Ward

The Dungeoneer v.1, no.5 (issue #5) cover by Paul Jaquays, April/May 1977, 16 pages, edited by Paul Jaquays .

  • The Arcane Elders fiction installment
  • The Goodies Bag
  • The Monster Matrix (featuring Harvestmen and Aquazombies)
  • Night of the Walking Wet OD&D adventure by Jaquays, Cox, & Wieland
  • Tricks & Traps, and an article on Elementals by James M. Ward

The Dungeoneer v.1, no.6 (issue #6) June/July/August/September/October/November/December 1977, cover by Aron Arocho, 20 pages, edited by Paul Jaquays. Art by Aaron Arocho,Paul Jaquays and Tom Siterlet.

  • "The Arcane Elders" part 6 - fiction by Mark Hendricks
  • Idiosyncrasies in D&D by Randy Cox, Paul Jaquays & Tamara Wieland
  • The Monster Matrix
    • Montana by Aaron Arocho and Paul Jaquays
    • The Slime Beast by Bob Giglio
    • Carnivorous Slither by Aaron Arocho and Paul Jaquays
    • Spectral Soldiers by Bob Giglio
    • Wurp by Tom Johnson
    • Frost Wizards by Paul Jaquays
    • The Tarrahook Bat by Aaron Arocho and Paul Jaquays
  • part two of Night of the Walking Wet OD&D adventure by Paul Jaquays, Randy Cox & Tamara Wieland
  • mini-dungeon Killer Kitchen by Merle Davenport
  • The terrain map in this issue contains locations for previous The Dungeoneer mini adventures.

The Dungeoneer v.3, no.1 (issue #9) was published in Jan-Feb. 1979. It has a Star Wars Cantina influenced cover by Paul Jaquays titled "The Judge's Guild Christmas Party." On it, a Jawa, C-3PO, R2-D2 are trying to steal a drink, edited by Paul Jaquays