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Name(s): Cheon Sang Ji Hee, The Grace, CSJH, CSJH The Grace, Tenjochiki, TSZX, Chun Sang Ji Hee, Tian Shang Zhi Xi, 天上智喜 The Grace, 天上智喜, 천상지희
Scope/Focus: The members of Kpop group CSJH The Grace.
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CSJH is a Korean girl group formed under SM Entertainment. The group debuted in 2005, although some of the members had been active on the music scene prior to joining CSJH. The group includes:

  • Kim Bokyung (김보경), Stephanie Kim (스테파니 김) Stage Name: Tianwu Stephanie (天舞Stephanie), Chunmu Stephanie (천무스테파니), Stephanie The Grace
  • Lee Jiyeon (이지연) Stage Name: Shangmei Lina (上美Lina), Sangmi Lina (상미린아), Lina The Grace
  • Jin Bora (진보라), Jin Seo Yoon (진서윤) Stage Name: Zhisheng Sunday (智聲Sunday) , Jisung Sunday (지성선데이), Sunday The Grace
  • Hong Sungmi (홍성미) Stage Name: Xiyue Dana (喜悦Dana), Heeyeol Dana (희열다나), Dana The Grace [1]

Member Sunday's birth name is Jin Bora. She legally changed it to Jin Seo Yoon so as not to be confused with jazz pianist Jin Bora (also known as Bora-Gene) or fellow SM artist, BoA.

The group debuted as Cheon Sang Ji Hee/TSZX in 2005, but were inconsistently promoted. After two name changes and an extended stay in Japan, the group was put on a long hiatus thanks to member Stephanie's back injury. Now Stephanie is attending school, which doesn't allow her to participate in CJSH activities. The other three members continue to model, perform in stage musicals, appear at fan events, interact on fan forums, and blog for fans, and there are rumors the group will be making a comeback next year.

The Fandom

Although CSJH's music is relatively popular, their active fandom is quite small. There is a small amount of femslash fanfic, although the fandom "primarily consists of crossover shipfic with DBSK and Super Junior." [2]

There has been a minor resurgence of interest in the group, following on some statements from SME management regarding the debut of girl group SNSD in Japan, but this has not yielded a notable increase in fanworks.



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