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Name: Esteefee
Alias(es): xt3
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Person of Interest, Stargate SG-1
Communities: sga-saturday[1]
URL: esteefee at AO3
esteefee at DW
esteefee at LJ
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Esteefee is a fanwriter, also known as Arrow and Morgan Logan.


The pseudonym "esteefee" comes from the seminal first contact series, Little Fuzzy, by H. Beam Piper. XT3 is Terran Federation Space Forces Emergency Rations, Extraterrestrial, Type Three, and the little aliens fall in love with the taste and dub it "esteefee."

Esteefee migrated from due South and The Sentinel fandoms into SGA of July, 2008.

Esteefee has made a blanket statement about further transformation, podficcing, translating, and re-archiving of her fanworks.

Blanket Statement

Re: warnings: I provide them for any torture, character death, disability, or non-consensual sex/rape that appears in my stories. The warnings will be linked to in the header of the story or greyed-out. Let me know if I miss any warnings that disturb you.

Re: share, reuse, remix: anyone may remix, alter, transform, fiddle with: any of my stories, original characters, vids, artwork or universes as they please and without permission from me, as long as they make clear they have taken ownership thereof. Do not change one of my works and publish/distribute as the original, or claim the original unchanged (no plagiarism).

Please credit primary sources as I have. I also ask that you credit my works or link back where possible, but that is not a demand.

Re: podfic: feel free to podfic any of my stories without permission, using whatever means or technology you like. A link back to the story text would be nice, and if you notify me I will host the file if necessary, or at the least provide a link from the story page.

Re: translations: anyone may translate my stories to another language and post w/o my permission, as long as they make clear it's a translation that was done with blanket permission. If I'm sent a link to the translation I will add it to the English language version.

Re: reviewing: my fic can be reviewed or recced on any platform of your choosing, with pull-quotes and thumbnails of covers as fair use.

Re: re-archiving: you may do so w/o permission, so long as your archiving software re-sources from the original on a regular basis and it's for non-commercial use.

Re: screen caps: please feel free to snorf them to make your own icons or whatever, and credit if you remember to.


  • Stargate Atlantis - Esteefee is best known in SGA for her Fair Trade series, in which John owns a coffee roastery, Rodney designs exhibits for science museums, Ronon is an orthopedic surgeon and Teyla is a doctor of internal medicine. She also wrote an AU in which John was Pope and Rodney was an undercover monk infiltrating the Vatican. Esteefee also writes John paired with other SGA and SG-1 characters.
In June of 2011, noticing a sense of decline in the fandom, Esteefee and Lilyfarfalla started SGA Saturday, a weekly prompt community to encourage the production of more SGA and SGA/SG-1 works.
  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Her most popular story in H50 fandom is All for Grace, an h50promptmeme cliche story in which Steve goes all out ninja to rescue Grace from a kidnapping situation.

Story Examples


Hawaii Five-0

  • All for Grace - Written for the h50promptmeme round 1: "When Grace is kidnapped, Steve goes full-on ninja to rescue her. Maybe they can only send one person in to get her, so against all of his protective paternal instincts Danny has to trust Steve to do it, since he's the most capable. Bonus if Steve gets badly injured during all of this. Also, please don't actually hurt Grace. :( I KNOW IT'S CLICHE AND I DON'T CARE." (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Finding the Path - Prof. Danny Williams is Deputy Director at the Foundation for Sensory Research, where Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett has just been admitted with Acute Hyperactive Sensory Syndrome. Sometimes by helping someone else, we find our own way. (Steve/Danny, 2012)
  • Life Insurance - The Department of Veterans Affairs won't stop calling. Steve won't deal. Danny is a total mensch. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • 'Olu'olu - Steve is rude. Danny teaches him some manners. (Steve/Danny, 2010)
  • Trust People and They Will Be True to You - Danny's brain catches up with current events, his face going white. “Oh my God. Look at you. With your Rambo paint and hardware from the latest issue of Guns and Ammo. You're in Super-SEAL mode! Please, please don't tell me those clowns were right and that you're the strike-force?” (Gen, 2011)