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Journal Community
Name: SGA Saturday
Date(s): May 2011 -
Moderator: lilyfarfalla and esteefee
Founder: lilyfarfalla and esteefee
Type: weekly prompts
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: SGA Saturday comm
collection on the AO3

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SGA Saturday is a Stargate Atlantis challenge community founded by lilyfarfalla and esteefee in May 2011. The format was inspired by Sentinel Thursday: every Saturday there is a new prompt and members have one week to create fanworks. All kinds of fanworks (fic, fanart, vids etc.) are allowed, and since January 2012 also rec lists and meta. Amnesty is every two months.

In January 2012 the comm held a Fandom Appreciation Challenge to share recs.