All for Grace

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Title: All for Grace
Author(s): esteefee
Date(s): 14 June 2011
Length: 7,552 words
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Hawaii Five-0
External Links: All for Grace (AO3)

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All for Grace is a Steve/Danny story by esteefee.

Summary: Written for the h50promptmeme round 1: "When Grace is kidnapped, Steve goes full-on ninja to rescue her. Maybe they can only send one person in to get her, so against all of his protective paternal instincts Danny has to trust Steve to do it, since he's the most capable. Bonus if Steve gets badly injured during all of this. Also, please don't actually hurt Grace. :( I KNOW IT'S CLICHE AND I DON'T CARE."

Recs and Reviews

I admit that, like a lot of Steve/Danny shippers, I am a sucker for fics where Steve is protective of Danny's daughter Grace. This fic is a wonderful take on that trope. The emotions are well realized, and the ending is so satisfying. I have read this fic more than once and want to curl up inside of it every time.[1]

This is a great roller-coaster ride of emotion. Lots of action!Steve and desperate!Danny when Grace is kidnapped. It hit all my h/c buttons like whoa! A fantastic Sunday read. It's light Steve/Danny that would appeal to both gen and slash readers alike.[2]

The one where they're holding Grace in a cave up the side of a cliff so Steve goes to get her and is a big damn hero and it's a pretty great Grace-in-peril story. <3[3]


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