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Pairing: Steve/Danny
Alternative name(s): McDanno
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: very popular
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Steve/Danny, also known as McDanno, is the slash pairing of Steve McGarrett and Danny "Danno" Williams in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom.

Canon Overview

Steve is ex-marine, more specifically the Navy SEAL, who returns to Hawaii after the murder of his father and meets the police officer haole – foreigner in Hawaiian – Danny who wants to investigate the case. The two don't get along well at first, but after Steve accepts the Governor's offer and creates the Five-O task force, they start to work together and their animosity develops into a great friendship. Several times on the show their friendship can be seen by some as a romantic relationship.


Reaction gif featuring the McDanno pairing

Due to the great animosity that turned into friendship and companionship between the two characters, fans quickly ship them. McDanno is considered to be the fandom OTP, with the majority of shipping and gen fanworks focusing on this pairing. The most common tropes are:

  • Hurt/Comfort: Hurt Danny with Steve giving the comfort appears to be slightly more popular than the opposite
  • Episode Tags: related to, or the aftermath of, specific episodes
  • Futurefic: often where they are in an established relationship
  • Urban Fantasy: in a modern setting, but containing fantastical elements are a small subset of fanworks. They may include magic, mystical creatures like merpeople or dragons, or other elements like seeing ghosts, and communicating with the dead or Sentinel AU
  • Post-canon: these are often fix-it fics where they realize what they mean to each other and decide to be together.


ALOHA! Magazine, a fictional issue manip by Bluespirit

Fan Art


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