Bespoke (Hawaii Five-0 podfic)

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Title: Bespoke
Podfic Artist(s): painted_pain
Cover Artist: cybel
Date(s): October 4, 2011
Length: 1:43:53
File: 95MB mp3; 51MB m4b
Based On: Bespoke
Author: perspi
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: On the AA

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Bespoke is a two-hour Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams podfic by painted_pain. It is a podfic of the fanfic of the same name, written by perspi. See Bespoke (Hawaii Five-0 story).

Summary: "It's just, you don't strike me as somebody who sews, that's all." "Yeah, how do I strike you?"

This is a podfic of the first story in the Tailor!Steve series; so far the sequel has not been podficced (and more stories could be written as the series has not been marked complete).

Recs and Reviews

  • "This is a delightful story with Tailor!Steve and Cop!Danny and hijinks and hurt/comfort and sewing and mobsters, and it's all read by the lovely painted_pain, who has an equally delightful voice and accent. She has a wonderful way of reading the words so that they just kind of flow over you, and you find yourself smiling right where you're supposed to, and she excels in reading Danny. "[1]


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