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Name: Hawaii Five-0
Abbreviation(s): H50
Creator: Alex Kurtzman, Peter M. Lenkov, Roberto Orci
Date(s): 2010 – 2020
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: USA
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Original cast

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Hawaii Five-0 is the 2010 re-imagining of the 1968 series under same name[note 1] about a special police investigation team in the State of Hawaii.

The creators include Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who co-wrote and produced the fannishly popular and financially successful movie reboot of the original Star Trek. They are also widely known for ruining Xena and co-wrote/produced Lost.


The show quickly garnered an online fandom, particularly among slash fans. The slash potential was further enhanced by official promos that proclaimed "not just a bromance" and "the honeymoon is over". The overwhelmingly popular pairing is Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, who function on the show as part of an elite law enforcement team.

Many fans have come to H50 from Stargate Atlantis fandom, and a number of them have likened Steve/Danny to McKay/Sheppard... much to the annoyance of lots of other fans not previously in SGA fandom.

The other two team members were Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly. Pairings or threesomes involving Kono or Chin were also written, and they are often a part of stories where the romantic focus is on Steve and Danny.

In fandom the term Core 4 or Core Four is often used to indicate fanworks focusing on the group consisting of Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly, especially after actors Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park left the series.

Fan Favorite Actors

Many of the actors on H50, both leads and guest stars, have prior credits in shows and movies with fanwork-producing fandoms. These roles influence both the popularity of H50 and, in some cases, the reaction to their H50 characters. Many fans of the show have their fan favorites like:

Actors from the original Hawaii Five-O like Al Harrington have also appeared, and many other fan-favorite actors have appeared as non-recurring characters.


Many people have complained that Steve/Danny is a Two White Guys buddy cop ship and that its big popularity leads to a lack of diversity in fanworks. Some fans also blame the popularity of this ship for perceived misogyny in some parts of H50's fandom. These views are particularly prevalent on anon memes like Fail Fandom Anon and h50-anon.

About the race and fandom, some fans feel that H50 disproportionately casts people of color as villains, whitewashes the Hawaiian setting, and gives too much screen time to the white leads at the expense of the Asian ones. Other fans have been impressed by the large number of fan favourite Asian American actors featured on the show. Many people have noted that the treatment of the Asian leads has improved over the course of the first season.

The show has also been criticized for casting actors of other ethnicities as native Hawaiian characters.

The violence is also questioned, with some fans thinking that the show downplays or even glorifies violence and torture committed by law enforcement officers. Giandujakiss made a songvid about this issue, Shock the Monkey.

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  1. ^ The shows' titles can be differentiated by the fact that the 2010 version uses a zero as the final character, where the original series used a capital letter.