Hawaii Five-O (1968)

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You may be looking for Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Name: Hawaii Five-O
Abbreviation(s): H5O
Creator: Leonard Freeman
Date(s): 1968-1980
Medium: television
Country of Origin: USA
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Hawaii Five-O was a police procedural drama series that ran for twelve seasons from 1968-1980 on CBS. At the airing of its last episode, it was the longest-running police drama in American television history and the last fictional primetime show that debuted in the 1960s to leave the air.

A new, rebooted version started to air on CBS as part of the 2010 fall season.


The show takes place in the 50th State of the Federation, the paradise island of Hawaii.


Popular Culture

The opening theme Hawaii Five-O Theme composed by Morton Stevens has become popular in fannish culture and beyond serving as themes for martial bands, parodies, soundtracks for television shows and more.[1]

In Shrek 2 (2004), Reggie a fanfare trumpeter, played the opening section of the theme shortly before getting smacked. The scene became an meme on internet, almost a viral.

Radio Birdman a Australian band borrowed heavily from the program and its theme for their 1977 single "Aloha, Steve & Danno". The song was written after the band members realized they were spending a lot of evenings watching the program,and the lyrics verses consist entirely of references to storylines of the early episodes. The chorus alludes to the boredom which band members experienced when the program was not on, and the guitar solos and other musical elements were directly derivative of the program's theme; Stevens received a writing credit as a result.

In Minas Gerais a Estate of Brazil, the investigative criminal news show "Balanço Geral" used excerpts from the song as a motto vignette "Balança Minas Gerais" said by the presenter Mauro Tramonte as a way to leverage the spirit of the viewer public in allusion to the show. Due to the song's popularity, for years it was also widely used as a cell phone ringtone by many fans.

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